Mish Mash

 Sam playing cars on the table.

 The Friday before Mother's Day, while taking his morning constitution, Finn told me that he a surprise for me for Mother's Day.  He told me that he couldn't tell me what it was, but that it had mulch in it and that it grew.  That afternoon he and Sam came home with a plant for me.

I asked Finn to pose for me - this is way I got.

 Puzzles have become quite a hit at our house.  To my surprise, Finn is really good at them.  He can put together puzzles with the tiniest pieces.  Sam would rather play dinosaurs with his puzzle pieces.

Sam as "Uncle Sam."

Well, we have had a pretty hard time with Sam this week.  I have been called up the school twice to "take care of a problem."  After eating his lunch, Sam will crawl under the table and refuse to come out.  For the past few days I have picked Sam up from his nap room and taken him upstairs to the dining hall where they all eat.  I show him his table and ask him if he got underneath it.  He told me yes.  I asked him why, he said, "because I was mad at you."  Then he gets his punishment.  Afterwards he asked me if he could go home. I told him no and put him back in bed.

Finn has also had a interesting week.  This week he learned about the devil, all thanks to the movie "Fantasia."  Specifically, "A Night on Bald Mountain."  He and Michael had a very, very lengthy discussion about the topic.  He processed rather well.


  1. The boys are SOOO cute. Tell Sam he can come & stay with me...i.e., no time outs, no naps, no punishment, lots of playing under tables, etc. What do you think?


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