Memorial Day Weekend

On Friday, Grandad dropped by the house to pick up the boys for the weekend.  It was really nice to have a quiet weekend - I don't think I turned the TV on the entire time. On Friday night Michael and I went to see "Neighbors."  Then on Saturday we went to Porter's Boat House with Brandon and Carissa where I ate my first oyster.  The place was great - they had the best catfish and grits! We sat out on the patio and pretty much closed the place down.

On Sunday I want to pick the boys up in Murfreesboro. I met Dad and Gina at Old Chicago Pizza to discuss our upcoming trip to Disney World.  When we got home Gran and Pa came over for dinner.  (Pa came in on Friday for a surprise visit.)

After dinner we took the boys down the creek.  Sam rode his tricycle.  He was pretty good.  He had the pedaling down, but couldn't quite master the steering. I stood in front of him and told him to look right at me when he was riding.  As long as he kept his eyes on me he could steer straight.  However, the second he turned his head, which it usually was within a few seconds, he would turn off to the side. Once he turned so hard that he fell off.

Finn rode too - he was fine as long as he wasn't riding down hill.

When we got to the creek the boys did their best to get in. I walked about half way through, but the rocks were slick as ice.  It took about 10 minutes to walk three feet.

The boys had a great time.  Thank you Gran and Pa for dinner and for the visit.

They were both exhausted by the time we put them to bed.  I couldn't resist taking a picture.

This is what Finn typically looks like when he is sleeping.  This is what Sam typically looks like . . .

I have no idea how he breathes under there.  I have to move the blanket off of his head every night.