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First Sleep Over

Last Saturday Matt, Shelley, John Matthew and Jack came over to our house for dinner.  At some point after dinner, we asked if Jack could spend the night.  This was Finn's first official sleepover. John Matthew and Sam were not super excited that John Matthew couldn't stay, but Sam got over it pretty quickly when he hopped on the air mattress with Finn and Jack.

We made popcorn and the boys laid in the living room and watched The Lion King.   Sam didn't get to sleep downstairs with the boys, but didn't fuss too much when we put him in bed. 
Around 2:00 a.m. Finn and Jack came upstairs to let me know that the air was coming out of the air mattress. Sure enough there was a big hole. I patched the hole with packaging tape, blew the air mattress back up and went back to bed.  Luckily it held until morning. 
The next morning Matt, Shelley and John Matthew came back over and we all watched church together.  This was the Sunday after the big snow, so they cancelled all "…

Snow Day

This has been kind of a weird week for us.  The boys were out on Monday for MLK day and then again on Wednesday for snow.  Michael stayed home with the boys on Wednesday so that I could go to work.  He did bring them up to my office for a few minutes and then we walked through the square over to Swaney Swift's for hamburgers.  Finn and I had a hotdog and it was awesome! After lunch the boys hung around and played in the snow.  I watched them from the window of my office (I hate to be cold).
Well, they were out again on Friday for snow.  Except this time we were all out. By the time the snow stopped, we had approximately 8 inches of snow.  Being the lousy parents we are, Michael and I slept in.  Being the mischievous boys they are, Finn and Sam got dressed and went out in the snow.  Luckily Michael heard them outside and brought them back in. 
Later that day we got them all bundled up and they went out again.  

They didn't last that long.  In fact, they only got the first two …

Finn's First Basketball Game

Saturday was Finn's first basketball game.  He was so excited.  Gigi came up and spent the night with us so that she could go to the game. 

Warms ups

Team bench

Getting introduced.  Finn ran through the cheerleaders.  He thought that was neat. 

Start of the game.

Finn playing defense.  He is really good little defenders.  Sometimes he gets over zealous and guards his man while he (Finn) is on offense. 
 The team did really well.  They didn't keep score, but out team won.

Sam, hanging out under the bleachers.

Henry came to watch too. 
After the game, Gigi took us to McDonalds for a celebratory lunch.

Sam's Fourth Birthday

Sam turned four (4) years old on Thursday.  His actually birthday fell on a Thursday, so we celebrated after Finn's basketball practice.

Nana came up on to see Sam.  She got the joy of seeing Finn scrimmage for the first time.  He was so funny.  During the scrimmage, someone through the ball to Finn.  He got so excited that he forgot to dribble. Instead, he tucked the ball under his harm and ran the entire length of the floor.

After practice we went to Culver's for Sam's birthday dinner.  We were so surprised to see that Papa there.  Finn was so worried that he wouldn't get to sit next to Papa.  He made sure that I arranged the seating so that he could sit next to Papa.

 After eating Sam opened a few of his presents.  Gran got him Spiderman shoes, Nana and Papa brought two (2) What's in the Bible dvds and we gave him the big, huge Batman that he wanted.

I love Sam's excitement. 

Homemade Pizza

Yesterday, while not terribly difficult, was busy.  From 9:00 to 1:00 we all went to church for deacon training - yes, the wives had to attend training too. 
Once home, Michael and Finn went to watch football with uncle David while Sam and I slept.  In my laziness I decided to introduce the boys to homemade pizza.  They are super easy to make, but it made the boys feel really special. 

They did a really good job.  There was very little mess to clean up.

After putting the boys to bed, Michael and I ate Chinese food at watched Part 1 of the Mockingjay.