Basketball Practice

Yesterday was Finn's very first organized basketball practice.  He is playing "Upward" in Hendersonville.  He plays on "Begley's Bears."  Michael and Brandon are the coaches.  There are six (6) kids on the team, including JT, Ella, and Ella's cousin Savannah. So we know most of the kids on the team.

The practice began at 6:00 p.m.  Finn was so pumped to put on his basketball gear and get started. They started them out with simple shooting. Then it moved to running while dribbling.   Finn was really quite terrible.  They were all pretty awful, but Finn was his own special brand of awful. It was like watching someone try to shove a square peg through a round hole.

When practice was over, Finn ran over to the bleachers red faced and excited.  He loved basketball practice!  After practice we went to Culvers for dinner.  Finn filled most of our dinner conservation with tales of how good he was at basketball.  And as often he does, he compared himself to every other kid on the team and told us how much better he was than everyone else.  He even began to infer that he tries harder than everyone else too.

I have no idea where Finn has gained this surge of confidence.  I wouldn't define Michael or myself as a confident person.  I'm guessing this trait must have skipped a generation.


  1. Thanks Erin, I'm laughing again!!

  2. Oh My Goodness!! My cheeks are hurting I'm laughing so hard!

  3. Could this actually be delusion instead of confidence?


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