Sunday, January 17, 2016

Sam's Fourth Birthday

Sam turned four (4) years old on Thursday.  His actually birthday fell on a Thursday, so we celebrated after Finn's basketball practice.

Nana came up on to see Sam.  She got the joy of seeing Finn scrimmage for the first time.  He was so funny.  During the scrimmage, someone through the ball to Finn.  He got so excited that he forgot to dribble. Instead, he tucked the ball under his harm and ran the entire length of the floor.

After practice we went to Culver's for Sam's birthday dinner.  We were so surprised to see that Papa there.  Finn was so worried that he wouldn't get to sit next to Papa.  He made sure that I arranged the seating so that he could sit next to Papa.

 After eating Sam opened a few of his presents.  Gran got him Spiderman shoes, Nana and Papa brought two (2) What's in the Bible dvds and we gave him the big, huge Batman that he wanted.

I love Sam's excitement. 

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