Sunday, February 23, 2014

Harry Potter and the Snake

For the past week Sam has been asking to watch "Hurra Potter and the Snake" - a.k.a. "the Chamber of Secrets."  Every night before bed, Sam crawls into my lap, snuggles close and asks to watch the snake parts of Harry Potter.  So we watch both snake parts, the spider part, and we have even branched out in the flying car parts, the Quiddich parts and the slug part.  The other night Sam snuggled with me and watched the first forty five (45) without asking to skip to any one particular scene.  Is it age appropriate - of course not - but I love that he asks to "watch Hurra Potter and cawdle with mommy."

On Saturday Sam and I went to Madeline's baby shower at Aunt Chelsea's house.  Sam had a such a good time.  He inhaled everything on both mine and Gran's plates and then played on Aunt Sharon's iphone.  Despite the fact that he was operating on an abbreviated nap - Sam was in a great mood. His mood was the reason we ended up leaving early.  Sam got really excited and started yelling.  On the way out of the party Sam yelled over my shoulder several time, "BYE GRAN, I LOVE YOU!"

On the way home we met Finn and Michael at Toys-R-Us.  Michael and Finn had been at an adoption party where Finn ate what Michael called "the most ice cream he has ever seen a person of Finn's size eat."  Sam and I found Michael and Finn bouncing a super ball up and down the aisles.

Next we played with the train set. After the trains we spent some quality time in the ninja turtle aisle. We got some good Easter basket ideas.

Last we checked out the Disney "Infinity" games.  These are so neat.  Sam was transfixed with playing as Mr. Incredible.  (On that vein - in the car the other day I asked Sam, "who are your friends at school?" Sam thought about it for a second and said, "Voilet, Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl."  Finn had mentioned the other day his (Finn's) friends didn't like Sam.  I felt a little sad for Sam that his only friends are his plastic figurines - well except for Ms. Beth of course, whom Sam now loves. He is doing much better at drop-off now, on Friday he took one look at Ms. Beth - lunged towards her and said, "I hold you.")

When we got home it was time for baths.  The boys played in my bathtub for a long time while I cleaned up around them.

After baths, Sam went to bed while Daddy and Finn played "Candyland."
Before Finn went to bed he drank a cup of hot chocolate. 

Get Low

Being the mother to two (2) boys means that I am witness to many, many fights.  Both boys have their own unique fighting style.  Finn takes the high position; Sam the low.  Sam is going to have the strongest quads in preschool.

Sam, assembling his weapon.  He loves pulling the vacuum cleaner tools off and making them into a spear.

Sam also loves his sunglasses.  We spend much of our day putting these on. Sam will bring me his glasses and say, "put my glasses on!"  Nice booger Sam.

This is actually how he ends up wearing them though.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Spending the Night with Gran and Joseph

While Michael and I were on a little trip with Brandon and Carissa - Finn and Sam spent the night at Gran's house with Joseph.

They appear to have had a great night.

They went to the park . . .

To the movies to see "Frozen."

To the "Adventure Science Museum."

And to eat burgers at the "Pharmacy."

Ice Cream with Nana

On Saturday Nana came up to take the boys out for their Valentine's treat - cream at Maggie Moos.  Both boys were very excited at the prospect of eating nothing but ice cream for lunch.

When we got to the ice cream shop Finn decided that he wanted his ice cream in a cone.  It wasn't two licks before we discovered that the cone wasn't going to do the trick.  Nana went to get him a cup.  Finn decided to eat the rest of the cone plain before starting his ice cream.

As always, Finn ordered vanilla ice cream with gummy bears, marshmallows, sprinkles and oreos.  Finn barely said a word - he was so focused on eating his ice cream.

Sam, was a bit less focused.  At first he would act like he wanted a bite - but when we got the ice cream to his mouth we would back away.  I think it was just too cold for him.  After a few minutes of playing he inhaled his entire bowl.  Sam had chocolate ice cream with sprinkles and heath bar (the heath was for me).

These pictures are "Round 2."  Immediately after finishing his ice cream, Finn asked Nana for more.  Nana obliged on the promise that Finn would share with Sam.  Once again, Finn finished all of the share of his ice cream.

After finishing up we took the boys back to the house for naps.  Nana and I then went to get lunch at "Chef's Market."  It was so much fun and the food was great!

We really had a great day. 

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Valentines Day 2014

 Friday was Valentines Day.  The boys were really excited about taking their boxes to school.

 Sam, mid-cheese. 

On the way to school Finn asked me "who would win in a fight?"  I said, April from Ninja Turtles. He asked me why.  I said, "because she's a girl."   Finn looked at me and said, "not a chance mom."

The boys had a great party at school.  Sam's teacher Mrs. Beth made the sweetest frame for me.  When we got home the boys sat at the kitchen table and pulled all of the goodies out of their boxes.
This is the picture Mrs. Beth took for the frame. 

Next we opened the Valentines that we (me and Michael) got for the boys.  We got them some "mousers", Fun Dip and heart cookies.  They also opened their card from Nana.

For dinner we went over to Gran's house and ate heart shaped pizza from Jets.  Joseph and Turner were there and played with the boys.  At dinner Finn told Gran that he got a Dinosaur Valentine from mommy.  I reminded Finn that it was from Nana.  Finn amended his statement by saying, "yes, it was from Nana - but mommy actually gave it to me."  So, if you decided to send Finn a gift or a card - make sure you hand deliver it too him.  Otherwise, I will get to take the credit for it.

After dinner the boys opened their Valentines from Gran. We got the "Twister" game!

The boys stayed with Gran that night so Michael and I went home and made cookie monsters and watched "Oblivion."  We are a wild and crazy couple.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentine Boxes

Tonight after dinner Gran came over and Finn and Sam decorated their Valentine boxes.  They had so much fun putting sticker and glitter glue on their wrapped up shoe boxes.  After finishing up the boxes, Finn and I worked on his Valentine cards. He carefully picked out which Valentine he wanted to give to each person at his school.  They were Ninja Turtle Valentine Cards, of course.  Thank you Gran for bringing over all the goodies.

Later than evening after Sam had gone to bed, Finn saw a David's Bridal commercial.  Finn asked, "mom, who am I going to marry?" I said, "I don't know Finn - who do you want to marry?"  Finn said, "whoever God picks for me."

At bedtime he specifically asked God to help him have "good dreams."  He also specifically prayed, "Please help me to believe your power to give me good dreams."  Such a sweet little boy.

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