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Playing with the Potty

Today was another great day for Finn in the nursery. We made the trade off without a hitch and when I came to pick him he was playing happily. When we got home we took Finn outside and let him ride his motorized lawnmower on the sidewalk. Then he got in the stroller and took a walk with me. After a mile he was zonked out so as I made a lap past the house I dropped him off. He slept for almost 2 hours. When he woke up he ate eggs for lunch. Next he went into the kitchen and started playing with his potty. I took way too many pictures, but he was just so funny trying to get in his potty.

Making room to get in.

One leg in.

Two legs in.

After letting him have his fun, Finn sat correctly on the potty.

Then Finn found the lid . . . and did this.
I promise, this potty has never been used.

After getting our fill of the potty, we all went to the mall to exchange some jeans Michael was given for Christmas. We had a really good time at the mall, but we definitely should've broug…


Finn is starting to realize when he isn't receiving our full attention. This morning (Saturday) Finn and I went upstairs to the play room to watch the new "Thomas." Since the playroom is easily the safest, most indestructible room in the house I don't worry as much about what Finn gets into as the only things in the room are suitable for Finn to play with. After turning Thomas on I laid down on the couch and shut my eyes. After a few minutes I could sense that someone was looking at him. I opened my eyes just a little bit and found Finn almost nose to nose with me smiling. I quickly closed my eyes. Then he started saying "mama." When I still didn't open my eyes he grabbed a fist full of hair and yanked. It was far too painful to pretend to sleep through that. Much like his mama was at his age, Finn likes to have all eyes on him and does what ever is necessary to ensure that he gets what he wants. He is such a squirt.

Later on in t…

Hair Cut - take 3

Today Finn and I went to get our hair cut. It was, to date, the most traumatic experience of Finn's life. He cried so hard that he started gagging in the chair. And it wasn't the fake kind of gagging either. Even though his fear was completely irrational, I felt so bad for him. Finn acted pretty weird towards me the rest of the day. I think it all started when I forced him to take a nap and then woke him up prematurely. It certainly didn't help matters that I forcefully held his head still during the hair cut either.

On the way home I stopped at Sonic and Finn and I shared a grilled cheese. It at least took his mind of the fact that he was mad at me. When we got home Finn was feeling much better and played on the floor in my bedroom while I spend the rest of the day cleaning up. He ended up finding some of my business cards and played with them in the floor for forever. It was so sweet; he laid on this stomach propped up on his elbows, swinging his fee…

Real Cereal

Finn has graduated to "real cereal" - milk and all! Recently Finn has been very interested in everything I put in my mouth. On Sunday I had cereal for breakfast; a breakfast delicacy that I rarely have. About half way through my bowl of Lucky Charms Finn came over and started saying "please" in his most convincing voice. I decided that it was high time Finn had cereal. As I suspected he loved it! And like any true cereal enthusiast, Finn turned the bowl up and drained the milk.

Didn't spill a drop!