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Memory Verse

Each week the boys have a Bible verse to learn and quote to their teacher at the end of the week.  Last night while taking a bath I decided to work with Sam on learning his verse.  With both boys I will say the first few words of the verse and let them say the rest (at least at the first of the week).  Consistent with this practice, I looked at Sam last night and said. "The Lord . . . "  Without missing a beat, Sam responded, "of the Rings."   Ha Ha.  Just to be clear, Sam's verse this week is "The Lord is my Shepard."

Today is school picture day.  We were instructed to put our children in their neatest chapel uniform. This morning I woke up and ironed Finn's chapel uniform.  He looked pretty darn good - except that he couldn't find his tie ANYWHERE.  Michael, ended up putting Finn in one of his ties. It was huge. All I could think about was our instruction to put our children in their neatest uniform - go figure the Begleys would mess that up…

Finn's 6th Birthday Party

Saturday was Finn's 6th Birthday Party.  He has been looking forward to this party for about 360 days.  But he has been really talking about it for the past 3 weeks.  He wanted a wrestling party, so we borrowed a bouncy house from my aunt Tracey and uncle Jerry and Gran brought over WWE party decorations.  By the time the party started the place looked pretty good. 
I had a lot of help with the party.  Gran made egg casserole, Gigi made potato casserole and Nana made apple cinnamon muffins.  I made chocolate oatmeal cookes, ooey gooey cookies, ham and cheese finger sandwiches.  We also had ice cream and WWE cupcakes.  
The party got underway around 10:00 and ended around 12:30. During that time Finn and his friends played in the bouncy house, played air hockey and played with the toys upstairs.  It really appeared that everyone had a good time. 

Finn and Cooper putting a spin on typical air hockey. 

Finn and Jack. 

The bouncy house.  The first thing that Finn did upon getting int…

Green v. Gold Day

Friday was the last day of Spirit Week - Green and Gold day.  The boys wore their Crusader Kids shirts and I put some green hairspray in their hair.  

I also didn't comb Finn's hair either.  I though the extra body went well with the green color. 

On the way to school Sam was bothering Finn which was making Finn really mad.  I tried to explain to Finn that while Sam was being a little annoying, Finn should try to remember that Sam is much younger and much more immature than he (Finn) is and that as such Sam is less culpable for his actions.  Finn looked at me as if I had lost my mind and in a very perturbed voice said, "mom, I don't even know that means, so I don't care!"  And with that statement he continued to be mad at Sam. 
Grandad and Gigi surprised the boys by picking them up at school.  When they brought them home we started getting them ready for the Homecoming Parade. 

Sam was on the "Frozen" float - so we dressed him as Sven. Just so you …