Finn's 6th Birthday Party

Saturday was Finn's 6th Birthday Party.  He has been looking forward to this party for about 360 days.  But he has been really talking about it for the past 3 weeks.  He wanted a wrestling party, so we borrowed a bouncy house from my aunt Tracey and uncle Jerry and Gran brought over WWE party decorations.  By the time the party started the place looked pretty good. 

I had a lot of help with the party.  Gran made egg casserole, Gigi made potato casserole and Nana made apple cinnamon muffins.  I made chocolate oatmeal cookes, ooey gooey cookies, ham and cheese finger sandwiches.  We also had ice cream and WWE cupcakes.  

The party got underway around 10:00 and ended around 12:30. During that time Finn and his friends played in the bouncy house, played air hockey and played with the toys upstairs.  It really appeared that everyone had a good time. 

Finn and Cooper putting a spin on typical air hockey. 

Finn and Jack. 

The bouncy house.  The first thing that Finn did upon getting into the house was to "spear" the Space Ape. 

Papa playing with the wrestlers in his wrestling shirt with his wrestling pose. 

Jack, Finn and Ethan

Finn got some awesome gifts and . . . 

awesome birthday cards. 

Finn got wrestling bedsheets/spread, wrestling figures, paw patrol pup and car, money to go shopping with, Scooby Doo wrestling movie (which is perfect for the boys), Jurassic Park blanket, wrestling shirt, an air hockey/game table and others.  Michael and I got Finn a PS4 and James and Chelsea brought over the wrestling game and gave him a gift card to get more games. 

The party participants. 

I love watching Finn during his parties.  Nothing makes Finn happier than having a birthday party.  I know that all kids love their own birthday parties, but Finn's face is SO happy the whole time.  He really enjoys having his friends over and having his friends have a good time at his party. 

Sam and his buddy John Matthew. 

James and Chelsea

Grandad, Cooper and Hank with their balloons.  Cooper spotted the balloons immediately!


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