Thursday, September 10, 2015

Sea "Star"

Today I got an email from Sea Star Swim School.  They were informing everyone that their Fall semester is in open enrollment.  Guess who made the online advertisement  . . . our very own Sam Begley!


Sam still hasn't given up hope that one day he will return to the Gallatin campus.  Every morning he asks me "what are we doing today?"  I tell him that are going to school.  He responds (every single time), "that DIFFERENT school with Ms. Mandy?"  He gets pretty bummed when I confirm that he will be going to "that other school." 


Today when I picked Sam up from school the first thing he told me was "I was really bad today."  It is nearly impossible to get a straight answer from Sam.  For example: 

Me: "Sam, what did you do?" 
Sam: "I was ugly.:
Me: "Sam, what happened?"
Sam: "I did something bad."
Me: "Sam, what did you do?"
Sam: "Something that wasn't nice." 
Me: "Sam, what did you do that wasn't nice?"
Sam: "Something that I wasn't supposed to do." 
Me: "Sam, what did you do that you weren't supposed to do?"
Sam: "Something ugly." 

Sheer frustration!!!

Finn and I tried our best to crack Sam.  After 20 minutes of pretty tough interrogation, we think that Sam got in trouble for not listening.  It had something to do with holding his napkin in the air and eating off of Hunter's plate because he was SO HUNGRY!  

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