Thursday, August 28, 2014

Sam's First Plane Ride

On Wednesday morning we traveled to the airport.  Destination: Towanda, PA to see Pa. We dropped our car off at the long term parking service and took a bus over to the airport.  Finn loved the bus - Sam was a little nervous.  He clutched on to Michael for dear life.

We got through security very quickly and found a seat in front of the gate.  The boys drank chocolate milk and ran circles around the seats. I was a little embarrassed, but Michael told me to chill and let them run since they would be sitting for a while.  As we were boarding the plane an older gentleman told me that Sam was awesome.  He loved his smile.

As we were boarding the plane the pilot came up to Finn and Sam and asked if they wanted to see the cockpit.  Finn took him up on it ASAP.  Sam did NOT want to see the cockpit.  He wanted to jump inside my skin.  He got really nervous the moment we stepped on the plane.  I had to carry both him, his carry on and my carry on down the long, crowded aisle.  The whole time Sam was saying loudly "hold me on the plane mommy!"

Since this was a domestic flight, we did not get to sit together.  Michael and Finn sat together and Sam and I sat together.  I put him in his seat and buckled him in.  The second I sat down Sam grabbed my hand and held it for most of the flight.  He would say over and over, "hold my hand on the plane mommy."  So I did.  When the plane took off, Sam's eyes grew to the size of half dollars and his mouth just fell open.  Then he smiled.  He really like flying.  Sam was actually a great travel buddy.  He was quiet and sweet.  It could have been because I let him eat an entire bag of gummy worms.

As we were exiting the plane, Sam high five'd the pilot and said, "good job with the plane."  The pilot thought that was pretty funny.

We had a layover in Detroit, so we let the boys take a few turns on the moving belt.

They ran up one side and down the other and had a ball!

Finn particularly loved this little exercise.

Then we found a place to sit and eat lunch.  Finn and Sam played with their "Frozen" sticker book.

Then Finn decorated the airport with his toys.  We got a few strange looks from other passengers walking by.

The second flight was a little less pleasant.  The air conditioning wasn't working too well and Sam wanted to sit in my lap.  After a while Sam stood up in his eat and saw Daddy and Finn sitting a few seats behind us.  He started to yell, "Hi Daddy!, Hi Finn!" So of course Finn would yell back.  Then he would say, "Daddy, are you happy?" Followed up by, "your not mad?"  This went on for every member of our family.  I was so embarrassed.  So now everyone on the plane believes that Michael and I are so mad all the time that our children ask us on a regular basis if we are actually happy.

Gran picked us up at the airport around 3:00.  We went straight to eat dinner at Texas Roadhouse.  Then it was off to Pa's house in Towanda.

The place is great! Gran and Pa fixed up an awesome room for us.

After our travels we were exhausted, but the boys had other plans.   Next they decided to play hide-n-seek.  Sam must be getting better at hiding, because Finn couldn't find him.  Finn came into the room and said, "well, I can't find Sam.  He must have gone outside and got hit by a car."  So dramatic.

So we went to the River Walk for an evening stroll.  Sam and Finn practices for the "strongman" competition.

After getting back to the house, we read ate ice cream, read a story, and went to bed.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Planner

Finn is quite the little planner.  He typically beings planning his upcoming birthday party the day after his  last birthday party.  Well, we are knee deep in the planning stages of the 2014 Halloween costume.  This year Finn has requested to be "The Scorcerer's Apprentence" or "Mickey Fantasia", as Finn calls it.  While at Disney World we found the perfect hat.  The problem is - we didn't buy the hat.  This little detail did not seem to phase the Finnster.  He actually has it all figured out.  At breakfast yesterday he told me: "Mom, we will drive over to Disney World and buy the hat.  Then we will go ride a few rides and come on home. Next we will go to Wal-Mart and by a red rib." (he means "robe" but he thinks it is called a "rib." ).  He makes it sound so simple. 

On Sunday, I found the boys watching TV in the den.  They were apparently cold. 

Finn has started hijacking our phones and taking pictures.  

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Man of the House

I am so thankful for Michael's new job, but part of that job requires a certain amount of travel.  He isn't gone too much - maybe about four to five nights per month.  Today Finn attempted to put Sam in "timeout."  This is a regular occurrence in our house.  For some reason, Finn is sure that he holds certain inalienable rights - i.e. grand master of discipline. I told Finn to knock if off as he wasn't Sam's parent.  He looked up at me and said, "but Daddy's gone - when Daddy is gone I'm in charge."  Well there's a leap in logic.

On Monday before school, Sam found his Batman mask.

He was so excited to be "Batman."

He was somewhat less excited to share "Batman" with Finn.

Despite the incessant crying from his brother who was hovering close by - Finn was able to enjoy his few moments of superhero glory.  

If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand time, "its just so hard to be a baby."

Peace and ordered was restored once Sam recovered his "Batman."

As I was typing this blog, Sam looked at this picture and said, "OH LOOK - IT'S BATMAN!"

I am beginning to catch on to the fact that I am not "the fun parent." Due, in part, to Finn's very blunt statements.  Finn's points are as follows: 1) I am not a good "beaster" and 2) I work too much (this is true).
Over the past few days I have attempted to be the "fun parent."  On Saturday after the boys woke up I took them to Dunkin Donuts for breakfast.  They both ate a donut with white icing and sprinkles.   After they finished their donuts they asked for another one.  As I was purchasing one more for them to split, I happened to look around and see both my children physically licking an enormous picture of an ice cream cone.  I was so embarrassed.  I guess I can understand why small children would lick pictures of ice cream cones.  I can't for the life of me understand why Sam would then start licking the door frame.  Yes, he did that.

During my second attempt to be the fun parent, I took the boys for ice cream on Tuesday night.  They both ordered cotton candy ice cream (which is as awful as it sounds).

Today at school Ms. Sonya reported that Sam was doing really well with sorting his colors.  She told me that Sam is very careful and meticulous when sorting his animals into colors. I was so surprised to hear that.  Every morning when I drop the boys off I picture a tornado (tornado Sam) tearing through the Gallatin campus of Hendersonville Christian Academy.  She also told me that he was a good listener.  Now, she followed that up with "even when he is rolling around in the floor and I think he isn't paying attention - he still retains what I tell him."  That sounds more like the Sam I know. 

Tonight Finn washed is body using an entire bottle of body wash . . . and he still didn't manage to get the magic mark stains off of his belly button and surrounding areas. 

Oh, and Finn thinks that the documentary "Black Fish" is the sweetest movie he has ever seen.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Weekend in Gatlinburg

This weekend Michael and I went to "our" little cabin in the woods for a four nights of relaxation. Before leaving for the mountains Deniece and I stopped by Michael's new office to embarrass him.

While we were vacationing, Finn and Sam were having the time of their lives with Gran.

Our first stop was in Pigeon Forge.  We hit up the Mellow Mushroom for pizza and pretzels.

Once we arrived at our cabin we realized that Michael a had left his phone at the Mellow Mushroom.  So the next morning (after crawling out of bed around 10:00 a.m.) we drove back into Pigeon Forge to get Michael's phone.  While we were there we ate lunch at Five Guys.

Later that evening Michael and decided to run sprints up the hill leading to our cabin.  We were both miserable for the rest of the week.  Next we went to the store to buy ingredients for taco salad.  Once back at the cabin we ate taco salad and watched the Titan's pre-season game.

The next morning we went in search of a gym.  Who says you can't find religion at the gym. Okay, bad joke.

The next night we decided to play put-put golf at the Indiana Jones "put-put" place.

The last day, we had a visitor.  This particular bear broke the lock to the trash and dragged out all of our trash.  He was enormous!  He was also a bit skiddish.  Once we opened the door he trotted off down the driveway.

The boys before school on Tuesday.

We got home in time on Tuesday to pick the boys up from school.  They were both excited to see us.  We went directly to get dinner at Blue Coast (kids eat free on Tuesday). Gran met us there as well.  It was at dinner that we realized that we decided to take Sam to the clinic.  Gran told us that he had been feeling poorly.

Sitting at the Clinic at Kroger.  Sam bawled for the 20 minutes.  Finn grabbed a few suckers from the pharmacy to keep Sam quiet.  It worked.

The diagnosis was a double ear infection.  Needless to say, the doctor told us to keep Sam home from school the next day.  Finn was devastated at the prospect of going to school without Sam.  The entire rest of the evening, Finn tried to tell me how sick he was.  (Finn was checked out at the Clinic too - he was not sick).  

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