The Planner

Finn is quite the little planner.  He typically beings planning his upcoming birthday party the day after his  last birthday party.  Well, we are knee deep in the planning stages of the 2014 Halloween costume.  This year Finn has requested to be "The Scorcerer's Apprentence" or "Mickey Fantasia", as Finn calls it.  While at Disney World we found the perfect hat.  The problem is - we didn't buy the hat.  This little detail did not seem to phase the Finnster.  He actually has it all figured out.  At breakfast yesterday he told me: "Mom, we will drive over to Disney World and buy the hat.  Then we will go ride a few rides and come on home. Next we will go to Wal-Mart and by a red rib." (he means "robe" but he thinks it is called a "rib." ).  He makes it sound so simple. 

On Sunday, I found the boys watching TV in the den.  They were apparently cold. 

Finn has started hijacking our phones and taking pictures.