The Weekend

For some reason today I have had an uncontrollable hankering to jump out of dark placed and scare Finn.  It really is one of my favorite things to do.  Finn hates it.  Tonight as we were winding down he said, "mom, promise you won't scare me."  I begrudgingly said, "I promise."  He then said, oh so seriously, "pickle promise."  I think the correct phrase is "pinky promise."

Today Finn colored on my bathroom wall with a blue crayon.  I was able to call on my breathing techniques (that I learned from representing so many kids in therapy) to keep from biting Finn's head off.  In between huge breathes I managed to tell Finn that he couldn't play with crayons the rest of the day.  After his nap Finn went to use the bathroom - he noticed the coloring on the wall.  He looked up at me and said, "we don't color on the wall"  I responded, "astute observation Finn."  He smiled and said - "does that mean I can play with colors."  We have to work on Finn's vocabulary - not to mention his ability to pick up on sarcasm. 

Bathroom habits of small children are so perculiar. Today Finn announced that he needed to poop.  He then turns to Sam and said, "Sam, do you want to watch me poop?"  Sam gave it some real thought and said, 'uummmm, nope." 

Friday night dinner at Casa.

On Saturday we went over to Brandon and Carissa's house for a cookout.  The kids were very eager to get in the pool.  We let the four kids swim around we we sat in the hot tub. They did great. Sam swam from end to end.  He wasn't the slightest bit of afraid of floating around.

Sam also made a new friend - Ella.  She took care of him all night.  She is so motherly.