Man of the House

I am so thankful for Michael's new job, but part of that job requires a certain amount of travel.  He isn't gone too much - maybe about four to five nights per month.  Today Finn attempted to put Sam in "timeout."  This is a regular occurrence in our house.  For some reason, Finn is sure that he holds certain inalienable rights - i.e. grand master of discipline. I told Finn to knock if off as he wasn't Sam's parent.  He looked up at me and said, "but Daddy's gone - when Daddy is gone I'm in charge."  Well there's a leap in logic.

On Monday before school, Sam found his Batman mask.

He was so excited to be "Batman."

He was somewhat less excited to share "Batman" with Finn.

Despite the incessant crying from his brother who was hovering close by - Finn was able to enjoy his few moments of superhero glory.  

If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand time, "its just so hard to be a baby."

Peace and ordered was restored once Sam recovered his "Batman."

As I was typing this blog, Sam looked at this picture and said, "OH LOOK - IT'S BATMAN!"

I am beginning to catch on to the fact that I am not "the fun parent." Due, in part, to Finn's very blunt statements.  Finn's points are as follows: 1) I am not a good "beaster" and 2) I work too much (this is true).
Over the past few days I have attempted to be the "fun parent."  On Saturday after the boys woke up I took them to Dunkin Donuts for breakfast.  They both ate a donut with white icing and sprinkles.   After they finished their donuts they asked for another one.  As I was purchasing one more for them to split, I happened to look around and see both my children physically licking an enormous picture of an ice cream cone.  I was so embarrassed.  I guess I can understand why small children would lick pictures of ice cream cones.  I can't for the life of me understand why Sam would then start licking the door frame.  Yes, he did that.

During my second attempt to be the fun parent, I took the boys for ice cream on Tuesday night.  They both ordered cotton candy ice cream (which is as awful as it sounds).

Today at school Ms. Sonya reported that Sam was doing really well with sorting his colors.  She told me that Sam is very careful and meticulous when sorting his animals into colors. I was so surprised to hear that.  Every morning when I drop the boys off I picture a tornado (tornado Sam) tearing through the Gallatin campus of Hendersonville Christian Academy.  She also told me that he was a good listener.  Now, she followed that up with "even when he is rolling around in the floor and I think he isn't paying attention - he still retains what I tell him."  That sounds more like the Sam I know. 

Tonight Finn washed is body using an entire bottle of body wash . . . and he still didn't manage to get the magic mark stains off of his belly button and surrounding areas. 

Oh, and Finn thinks that the documentary "Black Fish" is the sweetest movie he has ever seen.


  1. Erin you may not be the fun parent but your blog always makes me laugh! Thanks for sharing the joys of parenting little boys:)


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