Happy Birthday Gran

Gran's Birthday was Sunday so we decided to celebrate with a family lunch at our house.  I made lasagna, kale salad and a strawberry cake with homemade icing.

We came home immediately after Sunday School on Sunday and started preparing.

Sam, licking icing off of the beater.

Unfortunately, these are the only pictures I have.  Once everyone arrived I got busy serving and just never picked up my camera.  

I think that everyone had a good time.  Finn and Sam made personalized cards for Gran and James, Chelsea and Cade got Gran a cold brew coffee maker. Pa gave Gran a new computer tower. (Pa could not be at the party - but was there in spirit).

It was a nice, relaxing dinner.  The boys ate at the bar, while the adults and Will sat at the table.  Will enjoyed the lasagna and the cake (of course).

After lunch the boys went upstairs while the girls sat in the den at chatted.