Happy 4th!

Well, the Fourth of July at the Begley house was nothing to write home about.  Since I will be at the beach with some girlfriends from work next week, I really needed to log some hours at the office.  So I left the house a little around 8:00 - leaving all three boys in the capable hands of my loving and understanding husband.

While I was at work, Michael and boys went to spent some time with Gran and Pa before Pa left to go back to Texas.

When I got home from work around 2:30, I  felt terrible.  I was in day 1 of a three day headache and just wanted to lay in bed with an ice pack.  But as bad as I felt, I wanted to spend time with the boys. Finn, Sam and I played a few games of Candyland and then played in the Shellraiser tent.

Later than evening we ordered pizza and watched the long awaited return of John Cena to Smackdown Live.  Around 8:00 p.m. the five of us ended up in our bed.  Finn and Sam were singing songs to Will and Will was enjoying his brothers.  Will was in pretty good spirits all day so I was able to spend some fun time with him.  Even though I felt rotten - it was a nice quiet day with the boys.

Will's new shirt.  Ms. Laura at the Daycare made these for all of the kids in her class.  

This is Sam having a race with Lighting McQueen and Jackson Storm.  Sam loves Cars 3 and has raced with these two cars around the island all weekend.  He also gives play by play while I am driving our actual car.  He pretends that we are Jackson Storm and that we are in the heat of a big race.  Anytime that I change lanes or pass another vehicle Sam uses his best announcers voice to inform the crowd that "JACKSON STORM HAS JUST TAKEN THE LEAD - OH MY GOSH - THIS IS INCREDIBLE!"  


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