Sam's Last Day of Preschool

This past Friday was Sam's last day of Preschool.  I was a bit sadder than I expected.  Mostly, because I really like Sam's teacher - Ms. Mandy.  He has been with her for both K3 and K4. She is so fun and patient - and she really gets Sam.  Plus, Sam really loves Ms. Mandy.

As all big days do, this day started with a "big event" picture.  I explained to Sam that this was his last day of preschool and that we needed a really good picture to commemorate the occasion.  This is what Sam gave me.

We did a second take.  Not that the first wasn't - memorable - just not what I had in mind. 

We dropped Sam off at school at 8:00 and then Michael, Finn and I went to McDonalds for coffee. 

The program started at 9:00.  We arrived a few minutes early. 

First, Ms. Mandy gave out awards.  Sam got the "Super Scientist" award because he is always trying to blow things up.  Upon receiving his award, Sam walks to the podium with both hands raised high in the air - nodding his head and giving a "hard" expression. It was quintessential Sam. 

The "dab" shot. 

At the end of the ceremony, one of the moms wanted to get a picture of the all the boys.  This was Sam's expression for the "boys shot." 

Then, he breaks out into an impromptu "dab." 

After the ceremony, all of the kids went to the gym to play on the bouncy houses. While Finn and Sam played, Michael and I were able to talk with Ms. Mandy and with Finn's new teacher, Ms. Lockherd. 

Next, we all went to the cafeteria and ate pizza.  It was a fun day for Sam, but a fairly hard day for me.  I fought back tears on several occasions.  I am so thankful for Sam's time at HCA preschool. Now, on to Kindergarten!