Last week, Finn and Sam went to visit Nana and Papa.  They were gone from Wednesday morning through Sunday afternoon.  While they were gone, Will took the opportunity to rummage through some of their stuff.

Will is starting to take an active interest in books.  He loves to look at them and turn the pages, however, he does not like for me to read to him yet.   I can usually get only half way through the words on the page before Will is ready to move on.  I hope this is not a sign of things to come. 

Here, Will is reading one of Finn's old books - "Go Train Go."  Finn was a huge "Thomas" fan, and this was his favorite "Thomas" book.  I hope that Will starts to like "Thomas."  Sam never really got into "Thomas" - mostly because when Sam was old enough to start liking things - he liked whatever Finn happened to be obsessing over at that time.  For example, Ninja Turtles and WWE. Will, being much younger, may have a change to escape the wide net that Finn casts. 

Will and I also played in the tent.  The tent has three different holes to climb through.  When he would try to crawl out of one of the holes, I would stick my head in the same and scare him.  He laughed and squealed and had the best time. 

Pretending to be an only child wore Will out.  I just love his little curls. 

Here we have Will sitting in Sam's NXT ring.  I was getting ready in my bathroom and heard Will laughing.  I walk in to find Will perched in the ring playing with Sam's wrestlers, naked as a jay bird. Sam would be so mad.