Saturday, March 30, 2013

Black Friday

On Black Friday I woke up early to go meet a potential client at Cracker Barrel - then I went for a doctor's appointment.  While I was away the boys went shopping with their Dad - then they went to Sonic.

Around noon we were all home.   Finn and I took a long, long nap in my bed, while Sam took a long, long nap in his.  Once up I took Sam back to Kroger to shop for Easter dinner. While there we stumbled upon a pair of bunny ears.  Knowing full well that hundreds of other children had more than likely tried on those same bunny ears, I put them on Sam.  I just couldn't resist.


When we got home we all got ready to go to church.  On Easter weekend our church has twelve (12) different services.  We opted for the Friday night service.  On the way over we told Finn that we were going to church and that he would be in a new Sunday School class.  Finn is very attached to Mr. Sal (his Sunday School) teacher and looks forward to seeing him on Sundays.  We just assumed that he wouldn't like his new class and that he would cry when we left.  Well, Finn walked right in, put his hand up in the air in a nonchalant waive and confidently said, "how's it goin' guys."  I was so taken aback - he sounded just like a little politician.  I think that Whiz Kids has been great for Senator Begley.

I'm Calling It

Sam is walking.  He has been taking steps for a while now, but last week he started walking across entire rooms - holding toys - squatting down and getting back up.  I could sit and watch him walk all day.  He is so precious. When he walks he holds both hands up high in the air, he gets a huge smile on is face and when he reaches his destination, i.e. me, he wraps his arms around me and hugs my neck.

He is also starting to comment on his food. Yesterday I had a diet coke with my breakfast.  When Sam saw it he immediately started fussing.  I told him "no" and with all the gruffiness he could muster he proclaimed "COKE."  He stated it as though it was his right as a sweet baby to drink my coke.  I must admit it is all my fault.  I have given him sips of my Sonic drink in the past.  After every sip he looks up and says "nummy" (which is now Sam says "yummy.")  The "nummy" is not reserved for Coke - Sam lets me know right away if he is enjoying his meal. 

Sam also LOVES to brush his teeth. With Finn I dreaded getting out the toothbrush - but with Sam I dread putting up the tooth brush.  He screams bloody murder when I take it away from him.  He will let you brush his teeth for as long as you want.  I predict that Sam will never have a cavity.  

My Boots are Better than Your Boots

There are few things in this life that excite Finn more than when Uncle David comes to visit.  When he walks in the door it like someone has injected him with catnip - the boys attack him and are glued to him the rest of the night.

On Thursday when I picked the boys up from Victoria's I told Finn that Uncle David was coming to see him.  He talked about it all the way home.  When we made it home Finn was so disappointed to see that Uncle David was not there.  I told Finn to play in the yard and he would be here soon.  Within minutes I see Uncle David's head poke around the backdoor. It was on!  The boys played in the backyard until dinner.

Once inside the boys decided that they wanted to take a little ride.  I don't think they gave him a moments peace the entire night.  Finn probably asked Uncle David to play with every toy he has ever owned.  Finn also showed him is "new" monster truck show. 

 Isn't Uncle David a good sport. 

At one point in the evening Finn looked down and noticed Uncle David's boots.  He was stunned to learn that they were made of alligator skin.  I missed most of the conversation - so hopefully Uncle David will fill us in the comments section, hint, hint :)

 When it was time for bed Uncle David helped Finn get his jammies on. Such a  fun night!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Tuesday was a first for me and the Finnster; Michael took Finn to school for the first time and I picked him up from school for the first time. Finn was so excited when I got there.  He immediately ran to the back of the class to show me a toy that he had been playing with earlier in the day.  When we got in the car Finn told me that he played with a boy named Brandon (like Daddy's friend) and another boys named Xavier (or as Finn says, Azaver).  On the way home I stopped so that Finn could use the bathroom.  I also let him pick out a drink for the car.  Sometimes I forget out fun it is to just hang out with Finn.  Usually I feel like that I am hearding cats when I have both boys. It was so nice just being able to sit and talk with Finn about his day.  He explained to me that when he gets "big like me and daddy" he will have hair on his elbows.  I assure you "I" do not have hair on my elbows. 

After our pit stop Finn and I went to Bethpage for a home visit and then we headed home.  When we got home I put Finn down for a nap.  He told me that he wanted to watch his circus video.  I turned on the video and grabbed a pillow and a blanket.  I decided since I would be working upstairs he could take his nap downstairs on the couch.  Turned out to be a good plan - he slept two (2) hours.   

Since it was so chilly out I decided to make soup for dinner and we all sat down to eat together.  As always we prayed before we ate.  Out of habit I held my hand out for Sam to hold.  I don't expect him to hold it but I usually offer it to him anyway.   Right as Michael started praying I felt a slap on my hand.  Sam had given me a "down low" five.  Sam loves giving "fives."

On Monday  we (Me, Finn and Sam) took Gran for a check up at Vanderbilt.  While we were waiting I took the boys to Wal-Mart to do a little shopping.  While riding in the buggy Finn started singing.  It wasn't very loud so I let him sing.  You know when you get so used to hearing your children sing or talk that it becomes white noise?  Well on this occasion Finn was singing his favorite line from "Rent" over and over.  I didn't even notice until someone walked by us and gave me a "what in this world is going on" sorta look.  Finn's favorite line from the show is "excuse me if I'm off track"  but comes out as "excuse me if I'm on crack."  So yeah, Finn was singing this over and over in the store.  Mom of the year right here.

Monday, March 25, 2013

The Chicken . . . Or the Egg?

In the Hunt household the answer to the age old question "which comes first, the chicken or the egg" is undoubtedly the chicken.    On Saturday we all went to spend the night at Nana and Papa's house for a pre-Easter warmup.   When we got there Nana met us at the stairs and told Finn that she has a surprise.

Both boys thought the chicks were neat, but both were a little apprehensive about touching them.

After the boys sufficiently tortured the chicks, we went downstairs for dinner.  Finn ate a pop-tart at the little table.

 After supper the boys dyed Easter Eggs. 

 Check out those fingers. 

Next it was bedtime.  All the boys had baths and then all the boys settled into Emily's room to go to sleep.  It was hilarious.  Sam and Hank both cried when we laid them down.  They pretty much kept each other awake for thirty minutes.  Coop was a little angel sleeping on the air mattress and Finn slept in Em's bed with Nana.
 On Sunday we went to church with Nana and Papa.  Finn didn't cry at all when we dropped him off at the nursery. 

When we got home we had a nice lunch and then the boys did an in door Easter egg hunt.  They were all so precious.  Finn got excited every time he found one.

 While Sam didn't hunt this year, he enjoyed the spoils.
Before we left to go home Finn took all of his eggs and hid them.  He walked into the TV and told me that it was my turn to hunt for eggs.  He then showed me everywhere he had hid one (which was all the same places we hid them for the kids).  It was quite sweet. 

We really had a great weekend.  Both boys were out cold in the car.  Finn fell asleep holding his eggs. 

The Maiden Voyage

 Just a few pictures of the boys sailing off into the sunset - or at least the florescent lights of the kitchen.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Finished Product

On Thursday both of the boys went to get haircuts.  They walked into Danny's studio looking like ragamuffins and left looking like little gentlemen.  Finn had his hair cut first.  He was so funny; he provided commentary throughout the duration of his haircut about "how good" he is.  Just a few snipits:  "mom, I am doing so good" and "mom, I look so handsome" and "I am doing a good job because I am so old."  

Next it was Sam's turn.  Notice, I didn't post any pictures of Sam.  This is because he was crying and squirming so much that I had to hold him down.

When we got home they showed daddy the finished product.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Being George Balhan

Finn has always been interested in proper names and titles.  For as long as I can remember it has been important to Finn know exactly what something is called.  For example, he wasn't satisfied calling his dinosaurs by a general name - he wanted to know the proper name.  The same holds true for monster trucks.  It is no longer "Monster Jam" but instead, "Advanced Auto Parts Monster Jam."  In addition, he wants to know the names of the drivers.  Right now his favorite driver is George Balhan, the driver of the Mohawk Warrior.  This isn't surprising as George Balhan wears his hair in an enormous mohawk.  When we are in the bathtub Finn will ask us to fix his hair like George Balham.

In addition to Finn a.k.a George's photo shoot - Sam had a few glamour shots as well. 

He also tried his hand at climbing the stool - which reminds me, Sam climbs up the stairs now.

Sam also will give "kisses" now.  I found this out yesterday when I was giving Michael a kiss before he left for work.  Michael was holding Sam and leaned over to give me a peck.  Seeing this Sam puckers his lips, leans in and give me kiss right on the smacker.  

As for Monday and Tuesday, Sam played the role of an only child.  Finn spent Sunday night and Monday night with Grandad and Gigi.  On Tuesday night Gigi brought Finn home and spent the night with us.  On Wednesday Gigi stayed home with Finn and Sam while I was at work.  She also had dinner hot on the stove when I got home at 4:00.  Thank you Gigi - I know the boys had a good time.  

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