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Well, "Big Sam" has mastered the roll.  Sam has always been very happy to lay on his back in the floor.  But lately he has been working on rolling over.  He is now proficient in rolling from his back up onto his forearms.  He can do this for a few minutes and then it's back to rubbing his nose in the carpet whilst screaming in protest.

He has also decided that he will be a side sleeper.  On Tuesday night I walked into Sam's room to see him laying on his right side.  I rolled him back over but within minutes he was back over on his right side.  Every night this week he has slept soundly rolled over.

 This week has been a great week for us because our fence went in.  The "worker men" finished up tonight.  It is so great to let Finn "have at it" in the back yard.  In celebration, we all went to Marble Slab for a buy one get one free ice cream. 

We ate our ice cream on the bench outside the movie theater.  When Finn was finished he decided to play in…

Memorial Day - Three Little Boys - No Naps

On Monday we hosted our inaugural Memorial Day Extravaganza.  Nana, Pa, Em, Zac and the boys arrived at the house around 11:30.  At 11:25 I learned that our community pool would be closed due to the fact that it had been vandalized the night before.  So, our main event has been cancelled.  We did improvise though - we pulled out Finn's little swimming pool and Finn, Cooper and Hank swam.  

While the boys were playing Mom and I cranked the ice cream while Michael patted out the burgers.  This was Michael's first time to pat out hamburgers and had gone to great lengths to find and print directions for the perfect burger.  I couldn't help but laugh when Michael raised the lid to the grill and showed me the finished product - a huge mound of crumbly burgers.  Much to Michael's dismay he couldn't keep the burgers together for very long.  So we had burger balls instead.  To his credit, they were delicious.  We also had hotdogs and grilled chicken to fill the gap. 


Finn has Figured Me Out

On Sunday Finn had to go to a new Sunday School class. Since it was a holiday weekend there were several Sunday School classes closed.  I acted really excited about the new class so that Finn would be excited too.  I was so proud of him when he walked straight into the unfamiliar room.  He has come so far.

Sam came with me to Sunday School.  Dr. Thompson told us not to take him to the nursery  this week.  Since we just finished a long study we had a class social.  This worked out great - Sam wasn't a huge distraction.  Unfortunately I forgot to bring a diaper and wipes.  So when Sam had a rather loud bowel movement in class I had to go searching for a diaper.  I am such a lousy mom.

After Sunday School we came home and the boys had a nap.  After they woke up I started cleaning up the house.  Every time I clean up Finn will ask one of two things:  1) Is Nana coming? or 2) Is Grandad coming?  Clearly Finn thinks that I only clean the house when one of my family members is coming to …

The Surplus

On Saturday I decided to take Sam to the doctor.  He was still coughing, had a runny nose and looked liked he felt awful.  I had a lousy thermometer that only works half of the time so I didn't know if he was actually running a fever or not. I decided better safe than sorry and took him on in.  Finn and Michael went to the Home Depot while we were gone.

A few months ago we got some terrible news that our pediatrician was retiring.  I really like Dr. Thompson.  She is calm and really sweet.  We decided that if we stay with the practice we will be going on with the other Dr. Thompson.  As it turns out Dr. Thompson (the new one) was on duty.  The meeting was a little awkward as he walked in on me breastfeeding. When he checked in Sam's left ear he saw that he had an ear infection. When he looked in Sam's right ear he saw nothing but a mound of wax (hint the surplus).  He actually had to go get a wax spoon to scrape out all the excess wax just so that he could check his ears. …


Today Michael and Finn got haircuts.  Finn was wonderful.  He even got to wear the big boy apron.  I don't know if I have ever seen him so well behaved.  Sam was still a bit sick so I was worried the entire time that he would freakout.

On the way to get Finn's hair cut we passed a "Dave and Buster's" type of place.  The building is neon Orange and had a ton of loud colors on it.  Finn took one look at the building and with all the awe he could muster said "that's beautiful."  It sounded like he was looking at one of the world's wonders.  I was so tickled, first because his voice was so serious and second, because that building may be the tackiest building in town.

After the haircuts we went to Firehouse for lunch.  Then we headed to Old Tyme Pottery to get some cushions for the patio furniture.  Sam cried most of the way there, but did much better once we got into the store.  I wonder if he was just too hot in the car.

When we got home Finn to…

Some Firsts

Well, last week was a first for me - the first time I missed a doctor's appointment.  I have been to every appointment for both Finn and Sam until last Thursday.  I was scheduled to be in an all day trial and could not make it. Instead, Michael took Sam for his four month appointment.   At this appointment Sam weighed in at 17 lbs, 10 oz. and was 26 inches long.  I also learned by way of text message that Sam handled his shots really well.  (I was happy to get the text message - but heartbroken that wasn't there).

Today was a first for Sam - his first cold; or at least I hope it is only a cold.  He has a chesty, rattly cough and a runny nose.  He woke up at 3:30 coughing, but went back to sleep fairly quickly after a little rocking.  He sounded so awful when I got him out of bed at 6:30 that I decided to keep him with me today.  He was so sweet.  He had the worst sounding little cough all day, but smiled right through it, literally.  The instant his coughing subsided, he grin…

White Family Reunion

Today was a big day for the Begley boy's.  The started the morning off nice and early.  Finn decided he wanted pancakes.  I was in a big hurry, so I made two pieces of regular toast and put syrup on them.  He didn't even notice the difference.
My breakfast was a bit better.  I met Victoria and Sharon for breakfast at Mimi's to celebrate Victoria's 3?th birthday :)  It was an enjoyable and entertaining meal that I hope to make a more regular occurrence.
Once I got home me and the boys traveled to the Green Hill's area for the White Family reunion.  Finn discovered early in the day the desert table.  He went back several times for chocolate covered almonds.
The reunion was really nice. Admittedly I only knew a handful of people, but the ones that I knew I love dearly.   I have posted several pictures as a summary of the day.

Emily and I discovered that Hank thinks his cousin Finn is pretty neat.

Nana reading Finn's new dinosaur book.
On the way home we g…