Saturday, March 31, 2012

Nana's Treat!

Thursday afternoon Nana came to visit the Begley's.   We had planned for her to arrive at my house by around 3:30 and then go pick up the boys.  Well, of course, I would get called up to the courthouse and didn't actually make it home until around 4:00.  Once I got home we went to Victoria's house to pick up the boys.

When we got back to my house Nana gave Finn his present - a pair of Lightening McQueen swimming trunks.  He put them on and we left for dinner at Qdobas, courtesy of Nana.  The first thing I did when I got to Qdobas was go to the bathroom.  Something about the ventilation in the building made it possible for me to hear (while in the bathroom) Finn singing the Finn McMissile Score in his booth 50 feet away as though it was being broadcasted over the radio.  Finn ate chips and black beans.  On his first bite Finn dropped black beans down the front of his shirt; he was filthy.

After supper we went back to the car to get the Bjorn and then walked the streets of Indian Lake all the way to the Marble Slab Creamery.  Finn ate birthday cake ice cream with strawberries and Michael ate something that they actually put a scoop of JIF peanut butter in.  Finn and I shared and it was delicious.  Thank you Nana for the ice cream!  After finishing our ice cream we walked back to the car.  On the way back Finn took a detour through "the tunnel."

We got home around 8:00 Finn and the boys snuggled on the couch before bed.  Finn also showed Nana his silly Ice Age dance.

The next morning Nana gave the boys a bath and watched Monsters Inc. with Finn while I worked out and got ready for the day.  All in all, it was a great visit!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Well, its has started . . . Finn is asking why.  "Finn eat your dinner - whyyyy."  Finn, don't throw your cars . . whyyy."  Last night I made potato wedges and served them to Finn with ketchup.  He didn't want to eat them.  I left them on the table for him to eat at his leisure.  He asked to go outside, he asked to watch one of his shows; my response was always the same - "after you eat your potatoes."  He would then crawl into my lap, hug my neck and in his most whiny and drawn out voice say "whyyyy."  This went on for an hour.  I didn't give in though.  Finally, when faced with getting to go outside with Michael Finn ate his potatoes and loved them.  In fact, he asked for them for dinner the next night.

Last night Finn helped Michael put together the "Power Tower."  While I was inside cleaning up I looked outside and saw Michael and Finn sitting on the sidewalk looking at a bunch of screws and bolts. Michael told me that Finn was really enjoying handing the pieces to Michael.

This morning on the way to JT's house Finn started talking about his family.  He told me that Emily (Emmy) lives in Bellview and that Nana and Papa live in Manchester.  Well, he couldn't remember the whole word.  If I said, "man" he would finish with "chester."  Same with Tullahoma. Then he started talking about Uncle James and Uncle David.  He would say "my Uncle James lives at work" and "my Uncle David comes to my house for Christmas and plays hide-n-seek."  What was so funny was the emphasis that he put on the word "my."  He said in a very possessive way.

 Sam has discovered his hands.

Little Kiss, Little Hug, Little Secret

Finn's bedtime routine can sometimes be pretty taxing.  First we potty, then we brush our teeth, and wash our hands.  Once our bathroom duties are over we start on the bedroom routine.  First we read a Bible story.  Currently Finn's favorite story is Rebekah and the 10 camels. After the story we turn on Finn's fan, turn on his music, give him is blankets and then pray. After we pray we do "little kiss, little hug, little secret.  This is something that I invented as a young child so it is only natural that I do it with my boys.  If I happen to forget Finn will ask me for a little secret.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Playground

Today after church we took the boys to the playground. Michael does his pull-ups at the Beech Elementary School playground and then goes over the track to run his three miles. 

Today I went with him and let Finn play.  While Michael was running Finn and I played on the swings; he sat in my lap and we swung really high.  While we were swinging Finn sang a song from "Cars" and "Ice Age."  Then he told me that his favorite movie was Cars, that his favorite song was Lion King and that his favorite color was blue, green and yellow.  I then asked him who his best friend was and he said "you mom."  I asked who is other best friend was and he said, "Dad."  Then he said, "he's nice boy."

After swinging Finn decided to go down the big slide.  He wanted to climb up the stairs to the slide by himself.  I was really nervous and tried to help him.  He was having none of that.  I did stand behind him and hold my arms out just in case.  After four or five time of going down the slide without incident I decided to film Finn's big achievement.  You would know that the time I film Finn was the time that he fell.  He was up about six stairs when his foot slipped.  Luckily I caught him.  It scared him pretty badly but otherwise he was unscathed.

This is a picture of Finn getting shocked.  After going down the plastic slide he got all charged up.  Upon getting to bottom and touching the metal on the sides he shocked the daylights out of himself.  We tried to teach him out to ground himself before he touched anything metal - no success.  

Such a fun day. 

Before bed Finn showed Dad his "Ice Age" dance.  It is a little dance where he and I hold hands and swing our arms all over to the beat of the music.

Cookie's Week

Potty training is going really well - I think we have had a breakthrough - thank goodness.  We having mostly dry pull-ups and a "dirty" is rare.  I swear that child can poop on command. 

When Finn goes to the potty he wants to read "Cookie's Week."  It is about a cat that gets into mischief every day of the week.  So not only does the book serve as a conduit (of sorts), Finn is also learning his days of the week. 

This is Finn making sure he had actually "gone."  So gross.  We have put an end to this - but not before I got a picture.  My poor children will disown me me when I put some of these pictures in their wedding video :)

After he gets done I will usually tell Finn that I am really proud of him.  If I forget Finn will say, "you are proud of me mom!"

Hold Your Horses

Finn has proven to be a bit impatient.  Since he is two (and a half last weekend) I am not surprised.  During one of Finn's impatient spells, without thinking, I asked Finn to "hold your horses."  Very defiantly and with a bit of perplexity in his tone he responded, "I will not hold my horses!"  Then he started looking around for horses.  It's so funny to see your children respond to phrases they cannot understand.  I explained to Finn that "hold your horses" means to wait.  Later in the day, in response to getting in trouble, Finn said, "I will hold my horses mom."  Keep in mind he was in no way in trouble for being impatient. 

Actually, Finn is starting to say things that he thinks we want to hear; or maybe he says things he either assumes or hopes will get him out of trouble.  Now when Michael puts Finn in timeout Finn will say "yes sir" over and over again.

Friday was a great day.  The boys and I met Michael at Danny's for a haircut.  Michael went first and then Finn got a haircut.  He has come leaps and bounds since his first haircut.  He sits in the chair all by himself and follows direction, i.e. "Finn look down."  "Finn, don't look down so far," etc.  Danny also used the clippers on Finn this time and Finn didn't cry, scream, or look the slightest bit nervous.

After the haircut we went to Firehouse for some subs.  Finn ate some Cheetos and a brownie.  After lunch was over we decided to sit outside on the patio at Firehouse and enjoy the nice day.  Before we went outside Michael took Finn to the bathroom to wash the cheese off of his hands.  When they got back from the bathroom Finn was pretty wet - as it turns out he had gotten soap in his eyes and Michael had to flush it out.

After we got home the three of us took a two (2) hour nap.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi

I have learned that Finn's freewill can be bought at the price of a sip of Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi.  Tonight Finn, my very own vegetarian (except for fish) ate a bite of chicken.  I told him that if he would take one bite of chicken he could have a sip of my drink.  He took two.  He told us that he thought the chicken was good - but you could tell by the look on his face that he wasn't crazy about either the taste or the texture.  Michael and I sat there and made "uummm" noices the whole time he was chewing to try to get him to like it more.  After he swallowed I gave him a sip of my drink.  Who knew Finn could be bought so easily.  In addition to trying chicken Finn ate a helping of Long Grain rice; which he has decided is good.

In other news involving cokes:  When I am drinking a coke Finn will walk up to me, flash me his sweetest smile and say "you can share your drink with me?"  If I am feeling generous I will give him a sip.  After his sip he will give me the cup back and say "now you take a drink."  Then we go back and forth until the cup is empty.  This morning we shared a drink.  When it was my turn I noticed that Finn had finished all but one small sip so I drank the rest it.  When Finn took the cup back he looked at me with a horrified expression and in a panicked voice said "you drank it all." 

After breakfast I did my best to get both the boys ready for their day at JTs.  Finn got a bit distracted as he was walking to the car.  Every time he sees a flower he will fun over, pick and say "I picked a pretty flower for you."  He is either really sweet, seriously manipulative or doing everything in his power to stall.

Sam had a good day today.  He spent most of it either sleeping or smiling.  He smiled through his entire bath. 

Monday, March 19, 2012

Elbow Deep

I won't sugar coat it - today has been rough.  I have switched my home days with the boys from Thursday/Friday to Monday/Friday.  Since opening my practice I can't remember a busier Monday. My phone rang off the hook from 9:00 to 5:00.  In addition to the constant phone ringing - Finn made a major breakthrough in potty training.  This meant that I had to drop everything, including Sam at a moments notice to help Finn potty.   I think that he had at least 10 bowel movements today.  Now, they weren't all full fledged bowel movements.  In fact, most were tiny little pellets that Finn used in order to get Cars fruit snacks.  He would have a successful "go", eat his fruit snacks and then immediately tell me that he needed to potty again.  And usually he did.

After dinner, while Michael was working out I sat down to feed a starving Sam.  Right as I sat down Finn told me he needed to potty.  I felt terrible - I had to put Sam down and go with Finn.  Finn did use the potty - but it was very small.  I gave him a fruit snack, sat back Sam with poor starving Sam and no sooner than Sam had started eating Finn said he needed to potty again.  This happened three more times.  I felt awful for Sam.  But thankfully we did have a breakthrough with Finn.  I guess it is all worth it.  I haven't ever spent so much time in the bathroom.

In addition to phone calls and the potty training I had to find some time to workout with boys awake.  When I was on the treadmill I noticed that Finn was inching over towards me holding a movie.  I then started to notice that Finn was poised to throw one of the movies onto the moving belt.  I think I scared Finn to death yelling "No" over the loud hum of the treadmill.  That kids is going to kill me one of these days.

At lunch today Finn asked if he could watch one of "his shows."  I told him "no" that we were going to watch one of mine (Project Runway).  Finn fussed a little bit and told him he had two options.  He could sit on the couch and watch my show or he could go on to bed.  Much to my surprise he opted for an early nap.  I asked him if he was sure and he responded "put me in my big boy bed."   I complied even though it was bout 45 minutes before his actual nap time.  About five minutes later I heard Finn say from the top of the stairs, "I'll watch your show Mom."  It's so nice to win. 

Sam was a pretty good baby today.  He took a long nap midday, but otherwise he was awake most of the day.  I think that Sam may be the smiley-est baby I have ever seen.  When you smile at him he gives this enormous open mouthed grin.  It is so sweet.

 These are few pictures of Sam laying on a very special blanket that was given to him by Dave and Eve.  It is my favorite blanket of Sam's.  Dave and Eve bought this blanket for a very specific purpose close to their hearts.  However, due to circumstances they couldn't use the blanket as they had once planned and decided that they wanted to give it to Sam.  Thank you Dave and Eve for this sweet gift.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Meeting Sam

On Saturday Gran through a party for Sam.  Specifically it was a party for friends and family that hasn't met Sam to come and meet him and eat lots of great food.  We had a really great time.  Chelsea and Sharon helped Deniece with the party - the decorations looked great!  The food was also really good.

Lois and Sam
Sam received lots of great gifts and so did Finn for that matter.  Gran stocked Finn up with some great pool toys complete with Lighting McQueen pool chair and sunglasses.

 This is how Finn thought he should wear his sunglasses :)

Thank you Gran for throwing such a nice party for Sam.  We had a really great time.

We got home from the party around 6:00.  Finn had still not had a nap and was really being awful.  He put him straight to bed when we got home at his request.  Five minutes later he comes running out of his room saying "I slept all night."  I kid you not - he was totally new child after that pathetic nap.  Considering that he was going to bed in 2 hours I was glad he was up.  We did put him on the couch and encourage that he "rest" a little bit.

The Rest of the Weekend

Finn had learned that if he runs into our room at 6:00 in the morning saying that he needs to "poo poo in the potty" one of us will come running. Most days he doesn't produce - instead he uses this to get us up out of bed.  This morning he manage to drop one tiny pellet and then asked for his "prize."  While we consider this cheating we gave him a finger paint set in an attempt to remain consistent.  (This was a gift that friend of mine gave to Finn  - we saved for a time such as this).

Finn loves to do artwork and he had a really good time finger painting.

On Sunday we were running a bit late for Sunday School  - so I put Sam in the car wearing just a diaper.  I through his church outfit in the bag and we left for church.  I tried to cover him up as much as possible so that people wouldn't freak out when they saw a non-a half naked baby riding in a Baby Bjorn.  I was able to get him dressed in class.  

After church Finn was in a lousy mood. I asked him (like I do every week) what he learned in Sunday School he poutingly said "nothin."  We also learned that he didn't have fun, he didn't do artwork (which he did) and he didn't talk to his friends.

When we got home Sam and I took a four hour nap while Michael and Finn went to the playground.  Later on in the evening Finn asked if he could watch "Monsters Inc."  I think the movie scared him a bit because he came running into the kitchen asking me to pick him up while saying "I'm scared."  We sat on the couch and he hugged my neck the entire time.  

Earlier in the day Finn and I were in the downstairs bathroom.  Finn had his flashlight.  I turned the light off and let Finn play.  I got really excited and said, "its dark mom - just like the Ice Age).  There was a dark cave in the movie Ice Age.  Then I took his flashlight and put it under my chin and did a scary laugh.  I admit, that was pretty mean - it scared Finn half to death.

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