Thursday, October 30, 2014

Preparing for Halloween

Halloween is one of the boys favorite time of the year.  I asked them which they liked better - Halloween or Christmas.  The answer was a resounding Christmas. Anyway, they were very excited to put up the Halloween decorations.

After getting the decorations up, Finn, Sam and I walked up and down the sidewalk looking for other Halloween decorations. I rode Finn's new scooter - I love that thing.   Sam had no shame whatsoever in going into our neighbor's mulch to get a better look at their decorations.  

No Halloween is complete without carving a pumpkin - or so I've heard.  On Monday night, Finn Sam, Michael, Gran and I went to pick out the pumpkins.  The plan was to go to the pumpkin patch - play for a while and buy our pumpkins after they played.  Well, the pumpkin patch was closed so we went over to First Methodist church to get the pumpkins.

 Afterwards we grabbed a little ice cream.

We decided to carve the pumpkins on Tuesday night.  I really hate the smell of pumpkins so Michael helped the boys clean them out.  Next we got on the computer to pick out the stencil.  As we were scrolling through Finn decided that he wanted to carve "Jack the Pumpkin King."  About that time Sam yells out "BATMAN!" He found the perfect Batman stencil.  Finn immediately because disenchanted with his original idea and decided that he wanted to do Batman too.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Ghouls at Grassmere

Yesterday we took the boys to Ghouls at Grassmere.  Day started out pretty traumatic for Sam.  He wanted to go out and play.  He started to notice that there were several little worms on the porch.  He was terrified that the worms were going to get him so he sat in the porch swing with me for almost an hour.  Finn spent his time finding worms and then stepping on them.  Michael doesn't like for Finn to kill worms because they aren't hurting anything.  I reminded Finn of this fact and told him not to kill any more worms.  After a few minutes I start to hear more crunching.  I decide to take a different approach.  I told Finn, "Finn - the momma worm is going to be so sad because you killed the baby."  He looks at me and said, "don't worry mom - I'm gonna kill the momma too."  So much for the guilt trip.

After a nap, it was time to start getting ready for the Zoo.  We started with the tights.  I bought Finn little girl tights to wear under his costume.  He was pretty pumped to wear them.  After getting them on and situated he said, "wow, these are so comfortable."

We met Gran at 5:00 outside the entrance to the Zoo and took a few pictures of the boys.
The boys in their costumes.  Finn as the "Sorcerer's Apprentice" and Sam as Batman."

Sam didn't know what to think about the event.  I think that he was in information overload because he barely said a word most of the night.  In his defense, there was a lot to see.  All the kids were dressed up in Halloween costumes.  Sam liked the Godzilla costumes.   He perked up and started dancing when he heard the "This is Halloween" song from "Nightmare before Christmas."

The "Deliverance" skeletons.  Sam was a little scared.  Finn had come out of his costume because he was hot.

Finn put his costume back on when he realized that there were photo ops.

We had a lot of fun.  We did the haunted hayride and then we went to the trick-r-treating stations.  Sam was so polite - he said "thank you every time someone handed him candy."

Finn's costume was a big hit, especially with the adults.  One little kid came up to Finn and said, "awesome costume."

Mickey and Minnie

Midway through the evening we ran into Cooper, Hank and Quinn.  Cooper LOVED Finn's costume.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Daddy's Home

Well, daddy is home from Uganda safe and sound.  I picked him up from the airport Sunday night around 8:00.  I am happy to report that he made it through the screening process with flying colors that he returned healthy as a horse.

The boys were so excited to see him.  Finn has really missed Michael.  Every morning while sitting on the commode, Finn will say, "man, I sure do miss daddy."

He came home with matching Uganda soccer jerseys.

The boys were their new jerseys to school on Monday.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Beasting with Uncle David

Last night Uncle David came over to visit the boys.  They were so excited to have someone to "beast" with.  Finn has explained to me numerous times that he loves me, but that daddy is  better beaster. Uncle David was just what these two boys needed.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Original Sin

One night last week as I was putting the boys in bed, Finn asked to read "Adam and Eve and the Sneaky Snake" as his bible story.  When we got to the part were God was asking Adam and Eve if they had eaten the fruit from the tree, Finn (out of nowhere) yells, "SAY NO!"  Slightly stunned, I asked Finn, "why did you tell them to say no?"  Finn responded, "so that way they won't get in trouble."  I took a moment to have a conversation with Finn about telling the truth no matter what and that God knows every time we tell a lie.  I guess I have to cut Adam and Eve a break now - if it weren't them, it would've been Finn.

Here are some pictures from our trip to Gran to the Circus.

Putting up the Christmas Tree with Buck Denver

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