Preparing for Halloween

Halloween is one of the boys favorite time of the year.  I asked them which they liked better - Halloween or Christmas.  The answer was a resounding Christmas. Anyway, they were very excited to put up the Halloween decorations.

After getting the decorations up, Finn, Sam and I walked up and down the sidewalk looking for other Halloween decorations. I rode Finn's new scooter - I love that thing.   Sam had no shame whatsoever in going into our neighbor's mulch to get a better look at their decorations.  

No Halloween is complete without carving a pumpkin - or so I've heard.  On Monday night, Finn Sam, Michael, Gran and I went to pick out the pumpkins.  The plan was to go to the pumpkin patch - play for a while and buy our pumpkins after they played.  Well, the pumpkin patch was closed so we went over to First Methodist church to get the pumpkins.

 Afterwards we grabbed a little ice cream.

We decided to carve the pumpkins on Tuesday night.  I really hate the smell of pumpkins so Michael helped the boys clean them out.  Next we got on the computer to pick out the stencil.  As we were scrolling through Finn decided that he wanted to carve "Jack the Pumpkin King."  About that time Sam yells out "BATMAN!" He found the perfect Batman stencil.  Finn immediately because disenchanted with his original idea and decided that he wanted to do Batman too.