The Bunny Has Been Recovered

On Sunday the boys came running down the stairs shouting, "mom, look what we found!"  I almost cried when I saw Sam's stinky "bunny."  Apparently it had been shoved into one of Finn's toy dump trucks.  I am tempted to go ahead and steal it from Sam and hide it away safely in my cedar chest.  I have decided that "bunny" will be the baby toy I keep of Sam's and "little blanket" will be what I keep of Finn's.

Sam being a ninja turtle.  He really gets into the role.
Michael and Finn spent much of Sunday afternoon building his "Lego" Spiderman/bad guy van with Michael.  Finn did awesome.  Michael has the patience of a saint I tell you.

This week was spirit week at school.  Monday was character day.  Finn dressed as a ninja turtle (go figure) and Sam went as a little bit of everything.  He had a "Batman" hat, a "Superman" shirt and "Spiderman" shoes.

Tuesday was "Tie-Dye" shirt day.  Neither of my boys own any tie-dye so they went in regular clothes as shown above.  Finn was pretty bothered by the fact that he didn't have a tie-dyed shirt.  His solution was to just not go to school.

Wednesday was "Hawaiian" shirt day.
Finn has an great Hawaiian shirt.  Sam has an "actual" Hawaiian shirt.  He is wearing a shirt with a hula dancer on it that Gran bough in Hawaii.


  1. I like Finn's solution to not being able to participate in "tye-dye" shirt day.
    He is either passionate about participating fully in school life, or, a future lawyer (as evidenced by his gift of creative problem solving).

  2. Let poor little Sam keep his bunny. It won't be long before he will move on to other toys. Remember how upset you were because Finn turned 5 years old????


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