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Fire Insurance

On Monday, a real life fireman came to HCA Gallatin to address fire safety with the kids.  When I picked Finn up later than afternoon he explains 1) stop, drop, and roll, 2) how and when to call 191 (he meant 911 - lets hope Finn isn't making any necessary emergency calls any time soon); and last he explained what to do when a door is hot - "go the other way."

After a few minutes Finn began to cry.  I asked him what was wrong.  He told me that he was so sad about thinking about our house burning down and his toys getting burned up.  I assured Finn that we would be very careful to make sure that we don't start a fire. He asked what would happen to his toys if the house did catch on fire.  I explained that they would be destroyed (I really didn't sugar coat it at all).  Seeing the panic on Finn's face I thought it an appropriate time to explain "fire insurance."  Finn seemed to catch on pretty quickly.  He asked me - "mom, does the insurance replace my toys or just pay for my toys."  I told him that the insurance will pay for the toys.  Finn wasn't happy, but decided that insurance was good enough to warrant a cease fire on the crying.

A few minutes later Finn starts making a list (out loud) about how he would replace his damaged toys.  He said, "well, we got "Stitch" at Disney World, so we can just go back up to Disney World and get another one real quick - and while we are there we can ride a few rides."  Then he said (out loud, to himself), I really need to ask Gran where she got my dinosaur stuffed animal."  He also asked me where we could get a new "soft blanket" and new "little blanket." I was so tickled with his preparedness. If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times, Finn likes to be prepared for everything.

While we are on the subject of "firemen" . . . Finn and I have had several conversations about what Finn wants to be when he grows up.  Last week he told me that he didn't want to be a police officer anymore because he didn't want to fight bad guys (too dangerous according to Finn).  He then announces that he wants to be a fireman.  I said, "well Finn, firemen have dangerous jobs too because they fight fires."  Finn was quite for a several minutes and then very decidedly said, "I'm gonna be a doctor."

Here are few pictures from the boy's weekend with Nana and Papa.

What could cause such tears?  Oh, Nana and Finn riding in the jeep without him.


  1. How adorable! Finn must've been terrified when he thought his toys were really going to be burn down. In any case, it's good that fire safety has been an ongoing topic for awareness around your town. After all, it's best to be prepared for any mishap, right? Thanks for sharing that, Erin! All the best to your family! :)

    Clifton Johnson @ Insuring theProduct

  2. It seems like the firemen really did a great job on lecturing the kids about fire safety, since it made Finn very much enthusiastic about fire safety and kept on talking about it after. And his wariness over the thought of his toys burning is quite adorable. Hahaha! At least, he's prepared on what to do in case of emergency. But of course, I hope nothing like that would ever happen to you. Good day! :)

    Joshua Duncan @ Focus Insurance Atlanta


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