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Christmas at Grandad and Gigi's

We spent the night with Dad on Christmas night and woke up at their house on the morning of the 26th for Christmas with Grandad and Gigi.  After Gene, Minnie, Lauren, Ryan and Em’s crew arrived we ate breakfast. 
Then we had a surprise visitor – Santa Clause! It was actually dad dressed up as Santa.  Cooper and Hank thought it was great.  Hank kept walking up to dad and giving him a hug.  Sam on the other hand, was completely unimpressed. He knew immediately that it was dad and said over and over, “that’s Grandad.” He wouldn’t go anywhere near dad.  In fact, he wouldn’t even look at him.  Later Sam confessed that he didn’t like the beard. 

Have you ever seen anything more awesome???

Next it was time to open presents.  Finn was pretty excited about his Miz wrestling figure and his Hotwheels race track.  Sam loved his Disney (find the hidden picture) book.

After opening presents we Michael, Uncle Zac and Ryan put together Finn’s race track. Afterward, we all sat in the floor and watched …

Christmas Day 2015

On Christmas day the boys woke up at 7:00 and came to get us in our room.  Gran and Pa arrived a few minutes later and we let the boys open their presents.  They opted to open them on the air mattress a.k.a the wrestling ring.  

First they opened their presents from each other.  Later in the day they both told me that the gift that they received from each other was their favorite. Then they opened their gifts from me and Michael. 
Michael got me a foam roller!  It hurts more than I thought it would. I got Michael a Buff Dude’s T-shirt and a replacement hoodie

Finn playing his W2K 16 Wrestling game. 

Next we went to Gran and Pa’s house for brunch and presents.  I have never seen the boys so keyed up.  They had a great time opening gifts.  Finn’s favorite gift was this “Zuma” toy and Sam’s favorite was his superhero box set.
After leaving Gran and Pa’s house we went home and Finn, Sam and I all took naps.  I felt pretty crummy all morning and the nap made all the difference.
Next we went o…

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve I made cookies for the boys and we played their new games (Trouble and Paw Patrol Training).  Once again, I won trouble.  Sam was far less concerned with winning Trouble and more concerned with keeping “Siren Bob” (this is just a small part of the game).  When I stole it from him he got really serious and told me to “stop it.”
Next we separated the boys and let them wrap each other's present. When they were finished they placed their gifts under the tree. 

Before bed we read “The Night Before Christmas” and the “Grinch.”  Then Michael read the Christmas story from the boys’ little Bible and then we put them in bed.
Then we took the boys outside and let Sam spread his Reindeer food out for Santa's Reindeer.  Finn does not believe in Santa, but we haven't really had the conversation with Sam yet.  He was so excited to put the reindeer food out . . . in his underwear.

Next Michael and I sat up and wrapped the boys’ Christmas presents.  Yes, I was woefully behind…