The American Penal System

Yesterday on the way to school Finn asked me when we could go visit the cross.  I inquired, "THE cross?" And he confirmed that, yes, he wanted to visit Jesus' cross. I explained to him that the cross wasn't there anymore. Appalled that he couldn't make the pilgramage to Golgotha, he asked, "why?"  I told him that the government doesn't crucify people anymore. Naturally, he asked what the government does do. I then explained the electric chair (which Finn has no concept of even after my brilliant explanation) and leathal injection (which made sense because he hates getting shots).  Every Kindergartener should be so lucky to have a mother who is lawyer. Then they too could discuss grisly ways to die on the way to school. 

Next he was very curious about other punishments that fall short of the death penalty. We then went through the prison system and how that works. He was satisfied with my explanation, but was gravely concerned about the many, many escapees and how they could possibly find food (clearly a bleeding heart defense attorney in the making). 

Next Finn asked me where I went to school when I was his age. I named the four elementary schools that I attended. Again, appalled, Finn said "if you went to public school, how do you know about Jesus!" Finn is of the opinion that the only possible way to come to Christ is through the doors of a parochial school. Bless him. 

Sam ignored us the entire way, opting to play with his bunny. 

On Thursday, Michael took the boys to get their long overdue haircuts. They look so cute.