Christmas at Nana and Papas

On Tuesday Michael and I went to Foxland in Gallatin to the Christmas party with my new office.  I was nervous about going because I haven’t actually started the new job yet, but had a really good time.

Later that night we went over to Gran and Pa’s house to help the boys build a gingerbread house.  Next we took the boys to Target to let them buy each other a present.  Finn bought Sam a Ryback figure and Sam bought Finn a Stardust.  They really enjoyed picking out presents for each other.

On Wednesday afternoon we took Finn to the dentist.  Last week we noticed that Finn had a permanent tooth growing in behind (way behind) his baby tooth – so we took him to make sure that everything looked normal. Well, after three x-rays we learned Finn has an extra permanent tooth that will need to be surgically removed.  Finn was just glad that the dentist didn’t pull his loose tooth.  At this point his lose tooth is the least of his worries.

Later in the day we went over to Nana and Papa’s house for Christmas.  When we got there Emily and her crew were already there.  The boys played together until dinner.  They played the IPad with Nana, with balloons in the garage, and the most fun of all, snowball fight.  The boys pegged us with snow balls from over the balcony. 

Nana prepared a great dinner.  Papa brought Zaxby’s chicken home and mom made sides and desserts.  We sat around the new coffee table in the den and ate while watching the fireplace app on the Roku.  Other than being 70 degrees outside, it was perfect.

After putting the boys to bed the adults went to the playroom and played a rousing game of “Logo” Married couples teamed up. Michael and I cleaned house!  It was so much fun! I love to play games – but I love to WIN games more!!

The next morning the boys were up at 6:00.  We ate Christmas breakfast at 7:00 and then we let the boys open presents.  Just like the adults, the boys opened one at a time.  Finn and Sam loved their presents.  Finn’s favorite was the WWE book and Sam’s favorite present was the United States Championship belt.  They also got Hexbugs – which turned out to be great. 

It took about 2 hours for the boys to open presents.  Then the adults opened.  I would like to take a trip to New York to see Hamilton on Broadway, so Mom gave me money. 

By the time we were finished opening presents it was 12:00.  It was really warm outside so the boys played outside while we started preparing lunch.  After lunch we packed up and went back home.

This is a picture of Finn opening his Paw Patrol shirt. He was so excited.  After he had opened it he looked at me and said, "good presents really do come in small packages!"

The Jurassic World Video game.

Sam's boat.

Sam was so excited about his United States Championship belt.

The Hexbugs and Paw Patrol game.  Emily and I both fell asleep.