Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve I made cookies for the boys and we played their new games (Trouble and Paw Patrol Training).  Once again, I won trouble.  Sam was far less concerned with winning Trouble and more concerned with keeping “Siren Bob” (this is just a small part of the game).  When I stole it from him he got really serious and told me to “stop it.”

Next we separated the boys and let them wrap each other's present. When they were finished they placed their gifts under the tree. 

Before bed we read “The Night Before Christmas” and the “Grinch.”  Then Michael read the Christmas story from the boys’ little Bible and then we put them in bed.

Then we took the boys outside and let Sam spread his Reindeer food out for Santa's Reindeer.  Finn does not believe in Santa, but we haven't really had the conversation with Sam yet.  He was so excited to put the reindeer food out . . . in his underwear.

Next Michael and I sat up and wrapped the boys’ Christmas presents.  Yes, I was woefully behind this year.  Then we blew up the air mattress that Nana and Papa gave us and watched TV for a few minutes before bed.