Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Mini Melt Down

Sunday was rough for Finn.  I guess it all started when his Sunday School teachers were out and he had to got to a different class.  To say Finn doesn't like change is the understatement of the year.  He almost had a panic attack in the hallway.  Normally, this would annoy me - but he looked so genuinely terrified that I felt bad for him.  For a split second I contemplated the fact that I may have to run him down and carry him to class.   I noticed that JT was in the class next door so I thought it might be better for him to go to that class.  He still cried but it wasn't nearly as bad.

On my way up to my class I saw Sam playing in the floor of his class.  He looked so sweet playing.  I am so glad that he is a content little boy. 

The weirdness continued when we got home.  Finn is potty trained for the most part (all except for nighttime), but on this particular day he had three accidents.  Again, that seemed a little weird to me. 

The rest of the day he had a terrible time obeying.  He didn't listen to a work we said all day.   I was so thankful when 8:00 rolled around and we could both boys in bed!

Michael and Finn putting on the lights.  This was attempt number 1.  They soon took them off and went to the store to buy new ones.

Black Friday and Beyond

We in the Michael and Erin Begley home do not participate in Black Friday - why?  Because we are lazy and would rather sit and relax the day after Thanksgiving.  We literally did nothing.  I think we both managed to work out, but that was it.  I don't think that I even picked up my camera.  Come to think of it, I don't have one memory from black Friday.  Oh wait, I do remember now.  I got an itch to make soup so I went to the store.  When I got home I made soup while Finn watched "The Polar Express."  I watched most of it with him and I do not get it.  It is weird and mostly sad.  I had a good cry at the end of that movie. Finn hated my soup.  He referred to it as the "yucky soup" for the remainder of the weekend.

Saturday was little more memorable.  We spent most of the day at home until it was time to get ready for Madeline's party.  Madeline is the daughter of one of the couples in our Sunday School Class.   We got the boys dressed to go and then took a picture in front of the boys' upstairs tree.

The party was great - I just wish I had actually been prepared.  I forgot to bring extra diapers, I forgot to bring an extra outfit and I didn't pack a coat for either boy.  I failed to mention that this was a bonfire party - and it was cold!!  Thankfully, we spent most the time inside.

As to be expected Finn acted like a total dork.  This was a little girl's party so most of the children were girls.  JT hadn't arrived yet and Finn did not want to play with the girls.  When he finally saw JT he acted like even more of a dork.  It is rare that I get to see JT and Finn playing (I am usually at work when this occurs).  I happened to look up at one point and Finn and JT had hijacked a baby stroller and were running like wild Indian's through the living room.  

Sam was a stinker too - literally.  I think that I have mentioned that Sam has the fouled smelling poop imaginable.  I do not mean to imply that poop is pleasant smelling - but Sam's is just in a whole separate league.  Well he had a doozy of a dirty diaper after supper.  I laid him down to change him and noticed that I didn't have any diapers.  I panicked.  Thankfully, super organized Anna had a size 4 diaper stored away in a closet.  By the time I got back to put it on him Sam had pooped some more.  Thank goodness I set him on top of his outfit.  The hard wood was spared . . . well, mostly.  After I got the diaper on him I realized that I didn't have any clothes.  So Sam spent the rest of the party in his diaper.   About 10 minutes later I smelled it again.  I just assumed that it had lingered.  Wrong; Sam had gone again while I was hold him and it was all up and down my forearm.  I gave up after that.

 Here they are acting "silly."  These two really are best friends.
Waiting for cake. 

After cake we all went outside to roast marshmallows.  And yes, Sam went too - in his birthday suit.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thankgiving 2012

 We got to Nana and Papa's house around 6:00 on Wednesday night.  When the got there Finn went straight for the Play-Doh and the playroom.  After Em, Zac and the boys arrived we ordered pizza.  We spent a good part of the evening talking and watching the new TV up in the playroom while the boys played.

Bedtime was a bit of a hassle.  Hank and Cooper went to bed without a problem.  My two boys a little less cooperative.  Sam screamed himself to sleep and Finn wouldn't go to bed alone.  He told me that he was scared in the dark by himself in Nana's room.  So Finn stayed up with us until we all went to bed.

The next morning I was awakened at 6:00 by the sounds of elephants running around downstairs.  The elephants being Finn and Cooper.  At 6:15 I looked up and saw sweet little Sam standing up in his crib smiling at me (his crib was at the foot of our bed).  He must have enjoyed being about to wake up and see us.

I decided to go ahead and get up.  When I went downstairs I found Cooper and Finn getting ready to have breakfast.  Finn and Sam both ate doughnuts.  These two little boys can eat more than the all the adults combined.  I believe they may have bonded over their love of food.

Next it was time to play. Sam swung,  and Finn played with the "Free Ride" car. By mid-morning Finn was proficient at signing "Free Ride." 

 Finn chasing down Cooper and Sam
Finn, the back engine.

Then they discovered the leaves . . .

While the little boys played, the big boys cut a tree branch out of one of the big trees. 

 Meanwhile inside, the two disposals ate.   (I posted a lot of these pictures because they are just so cute).

 I love this picture of Sam because it highlights his cute jaws and cheeks. 

 While the food was cooking the boys decided to look at the Christmas tree.  Finn pointed out all the ornaments on the tree that he recognized - like Mickey Mouse, David and the Giant and Jonah and Whale.

 Saying, "Happy Thanksgiving."

 Sam and the bells

 The boys - this attempt at a group picture was disasterous. 

 Mine :)

This attempt a picture was disasterous too. 

Next we opened out Christmas ornaments.  Sam got the Pooh Bear Baby's First Christmas.  Finn got "Alex the Lion from Madegascar. I got a Dumbo ornament, a Mickey Astronaut ornament, and the Mischievous Kittens Ornament.  Finn was so excited that he tore two of my boxes trying to get the ornaments out.

Next was lunch.  Lunch with four boys under the age of four is no easy task.  Finn didn't touch his "Thanksgiving peanut butter sandwhich."  Sam was a jewel - sat quietly through the entire meal and ate everything we offered him. 

After lunch we played upstairs in the playroom - or in Sam's case, the toilet.

Santa even made an appearance.

 Post-turkey nap. 

When we got home the first thing Finn wanted to do was put his new ornament (he claimed them all for himself) on the tree.  Next it was time for bed.  During his prayer Finn told us that he was thankful for

Happy Thanksgiving. 

Friday, November 23, 2012

Pre Thanksgiving

Everyday I am seeing more and more signs that Finn is in fact my child.  While he may looking nothing like me, he is his mother's child at heart.  May I introduce Exhibit A.

 Michael makes fun of me because I love having the Christmas tree up.  The morning after we put up the tree Finn asked if he could eat his breakfast next to the tree.
Check out that hair!



This week at Victoria's Finn and JT made turkeys and on their feathers they wrote things that they are thankful for; these are Finn: 

1. Singing my song everywhere; 
2. Dinosaurs; 
3. Making art at Victoria's; 
4. Daddy Playing in the kitchen; 
5. Coloring with Mommy and; 
6. Christmas

Just a few pictures of the boys in their Christmas jammies.

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving I stayed home with the boys.  I tried to get the house clean so that I could relax the day after Thanksgiving.  While I cleaned the boys sat in the den and played.  Finn made one of his daily forts with the couch cushions.

Sam stormed the gates (knocked it down), took the fort (sat on it) and pillaged (drank his bottle).  He promptly fell off the back.  While I was cleaning Sam learned how to climb up on the couch. I happened to look over and see Sam's little head bobbing up over the back of the couch.  He was happy! 
 Since the couch cushions were still pulled off, Sam was able to climb up much easier.
Midway through the day I looked up and realized that Finn needed a haircut so we packed up and went to see Danny.  After the haircut he went to the post office and the courthouse.  Finn was pretty good so we made a stop at Sonic for a grilled cheese for lunch.  

We got home around 2:45, meaning the boys didn't get a nap until 3:00.  We woke them up at 4:00 to head to Manchester for Thanksgiving.  We thought we were making great time until Finn told us that he needed to poop.  Thankfully we were close enough to a gas station to stop before a real problem ensued.  We ended up making close to a 20 minute stop.  The joys of potty training!

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