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I think that Finn may never get over this cold/bug (whatever this is). He was pretty lethargic all day yesterday.

We started the day with a late breakfast with Brandon, Carissa and Addison at the Cracker Barrel. Finn was good as gold. He sat in his high chair and ate crayons. I washed a good amount of blue chips out of his teeth. After finishing up the crayon Finn and I shared some cinnamon french toast. After I gave him the french toast I didn't hear another peep out of him. On our way out the door I took Finn over to the fireplace to let him feel the heat. All he could do was say "hot" every few seconds. He wouldn't even look in the direction of the fire.

After we got home Finn and I took a long nap. Then Finn and Michael went to eat leftovers at the Begley's while I prepared for court on Monday. Finn acted like he felt terrible the rest of the evening. At about 10:30 last night I went to wake Finn up to give him some Motion. When I went into his room…


No pictures today, but I wanted to blog anyway. Finn woke up with a fever this morning so we decided to go ahead and take him to the pediatrician. We have debated taking him for two weeks now and with the fever combined with the terrible cough we decided to go ahead and bite the bullet. The pediatrician did a strep test of Finn and determined that he only had a bug.

Later that night Finn and I went to Cool Springs to meet Deanna and Ben at Macaroni Grill. I was really excited to see Deanna; she is one of my oldest and dearest friends and now that she lives in New Jersey I haven't seen her in a long time. Furthermore, she hasn't seen Finn since he was in the hospital so I was really excited for her to spend some time with Finn.

Finn could not have behaved worse if he tried. We were there almost 2 hours and he cried hysterically for at least an hour. I couldn't do anything to make him happy. He may have scared Deanna and Ben off from having kids forever. I really ca…


Today is Thanksgiving; my favorite holiday of the year.Finn woke up at 6:30 and watched Mickey with Uncle Zac.Around 8:00 we all sat around at breakfast.Greg cooked sausage on the grill and Mom made monkey bread and biscuits.Finn and Coop both sat at the table for a few minutes. Then both boys danced to the “Hot Dog” song.Finn looks so funny when he danced.He would bend at the knees, pull his elbows up and sway back and forth.After breakfast we took the boys outside and the both immediately made a break for the front yard.Finn saw the semi’s parked across the street and it was all she wrote.Next we went inside and watched a few minutes of the parade; which was completely underwhelming for both Finn and Coop.

The boys did manage to take a nap today.During their naps Em and I went to Walgreens while the big boys played horseshoes.Greg won.

Playing on the stairs. One of the more beloved activities for the boys

Coop having a snack; Finn having a look see.

Thanksgiving lunch was good – but t…

Hangin' With Mr. Cooper

I feel quite a bit better today.After Michael and Finn left for Victoria’s I started packing for our Thanksgiving event at Mom and Greg’s. Then I went to a quick meeting at DCS and a second quick meeting up at the jail.We left for Manchester at around 3:00.Before we left I made Finn a couple of c.d.s to listen to in the car.There were only two songs that he wanted to listen to (both from Thomas the Train) and when they were over he would fuss and cry. When we got to Mom and Greg’s we saw that MJ, Zac and Coop were already there.Finn was very shy at first.He didn’t want to hang out with anyone, but warmed up fairly quickly.The night was really fun.Finn and Coop played with cars, we had a great dinner and then Finn and Coop took a ton of pictures in front of the tree.

Finn looking at "The Office" ornament.

Playing with blocks

Finn and Coop tried to take a bath together (Finn cried so hard that we had to get him out of tub just a few minutes after putting him in) and …

Stomach Bug

This morning Finn reacquainted himself with the tree.He really liked looking at the Mickey Mouse ornaments.

Later on in the day Finn ate a pancake for lunch and watched the football game with his dad.

The day was pretty eventful up until around 11:30 when Finn threw up all over our carpet.We cleaned him up and put him back in bed.About 30 minutes later we heard him throw up again, instead this time it was in his bed.We changed him again, changed his bed and put him in bed with us. It always makes me a bit nervous when he gets sick so I decided that he would finish out the night in our bed.Well, that and the fact that Finn would not let go of me.He has never hugged me so tightly in his life.I think that throwing up really scared him.At first sleeping wit Finn was a lot of fun because he was so sweet – he fell asleep with both arms around my neck.It was really wonderful until he started kicking me in the stomach.This prompted me to put him back in his own bed.We ended up drifting off to …

The Lighting of the Christmas Tree

Today we put up the tree! Tree day is easily one of my favorite days of the year. Finn must have sensed how important this was to me because he was so good. We started putting the tree up around 10:00 a.m. We finished at 9:00 p.m. It took me forever to put it up because I stopped every few minutes to take pictures of Finn. I would also let him bring me the ornaments (still in the box) and that made things go really slow.

Before the fun started, Finn watched the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse show for the first time. He sat in the chair all by himself.

After the show was over I heard a big thud and then I heard Finn whimper. I came back into the den to see Finn sitting in the floor looking at his dump truck. What I think happened is that as Finn was crawling out of the chair he fell on his dump truck. He didn't appear hurt at all.

After Michael got up it was time to put up the tree. Michael brought the tree in while Finn took his morning nap. After Finn woke up I put in Har…