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Pumpkin Carving Fest

Today after I got the boys completely ready and in the car, I got a call from the Judge's office letting me know that Judge Brown was sick and would not be in.  I was pretty excited as I have worked a lot lately. I pulled back into the garage, got the boys out of the car and put my warm jammies back on.  
When we got back into the house Finn wanted to play dinosaurs so I sat in the floor and played with him until Sam started crying.  When I picked Sam up to comfort him Finn started crying.  When I put Sam down to pick Finn up Sam would cry.  I ended up with one crying on one knee and another one crying on the other knee. Thankfully Michael called and we met him at Qdoba's to use our free lunch coupon.  Sam sat in his seat and drank a bottle (I love that he can hold his own bottle now) and Finn ate a few beans.  
When we got home Finn took a two and a half hour nap (YAY!).  Sam took a nap too . . . 

Sam finished his bottle in the den floor while I was putting Finn down.  The ne…

Hurricane Sam

Saturday night was ROUGH.  After we got back from Dad's house Michael and I went to hang out at "Sam's Sports Grill" with Brandon and Carissa.  When we got home Gran had  Finn and Sam both in bed.  We thought we were home free until about 11:00 when Sam started crying hysterically.  Michael rocked Sam back to sleep.  He was up again at 12:30.  I got up with him.  He would not stop crying - I couldn't console him.  I gave him some pain medicine and rocked him for an hour.  He finally fell asleep close to 1:30. At 1:35 he was back up screaming his lungs out.  I got him and put him in bed with me.  He slept directly on top of me laying on my chest.  I couldn't sleep with him there because I knew I would drop him.  So after I was sure he was asleep I eased him next to me.  He was up again at 4:00.  But this time he was ready to laugh and play.  I chucked that baby back in his crib, closed the door and turned the monitor down. 

He was an angel at church, of course…

Happy Birthday Grandad

On Friday we had planned to take the boys to the Zoo - we changed our mind after seeing how cold it was outside.  Instead me and the boys went to Tullahoma to celebrate Grandad's birthday.  We arrived at the house right around 5:00 and Finn and Sam played in the floor.  As it got closer to 7:00 we bundled the boys up and went to the Tullahoma High School football game. 

It was so cold.  Sam didn't seem to mind the cold at all.  Finn was a different story. After sitting on the bleachers for ten minutes Finn decided that he was too cold and wanted to go back to Grandad's house to play.  I wrapped Finn in my extra coat to keep him warm.  That wasn't warm enough so he climbed into my lap cuddled up next to me and then I put a blanket on his legs. I was toasty warm with Finn sitting in my lap, but poor Finn was still miserable.  Selfish as I can be sometimes, loved Finn being miserable, because he never sit in my lap anymore.  He was so cold that he didn't want popcorn …

The Wish List

On Tuesday we got the big "Toys-R-Us" catalog.  After supper Finn and Daddy sat at the kitchen table and Finn circled everything he wanted.  At first he wanted everything he saw - even girls toys.  Michael explained to him that he can only pick out a few toys.  He finally got the hang of it and had a really good time.

On this particular evening we had spaghetti.  I made sure to feed Sam before we sat down to eat but It didn't matter at all.  The minute he smelled my spaghetti he went into freakout mode.  So I guess you could say that Sam had my spaghetti for dessert.  Both of my boys love spaghetti.  After ever few bites Finn would say under his breath, "this is so good."

Later in the evening I crawled into the attic and pulled out Finn's old jungle activity center for Sam to play with.  Finn helped him figure it out. 


Finally . . . . Sam got a tooth! I have been waiting for months for a tooth to break through and today was the day.  Actually, it may have come in a while ago, and we may have missed it.  It is the eye tooth on the upper left side.  I noticed it today when Sam was trying to suck on my face (not sure why that has started).  I kept looking for a bottom tooth to come in and completely overlooked the uppers. 

Finn is venturing into new and exciting "potty" techniques.  Sunday when we got home from church Finn ran straight into the bathroom and closed the door.  Closing the door is unusual for Finn, but I didn't think too much of it.  When he came out he had little spots of wet on his khakis.  We then noticed that there was a huge puddle on the floor.  Finn proceeds to tell us that he tried to use the bathroom standing up.  He was very disappointed when we explained to him that he is not yet tall enough to "stand up" while using the potty. 

Before his nap Finn watc…

Buddy Walk 2012

Saturday was the 2012 "Buddy Walk."  My two little walkers were up at about 7:00.  Finn strolled into the bedroom around 6:30 and I let him crawl onto my side of the bed and snuggle for a few minutes.  Once Sam was up we went downstairs and I made Finn some pancakes.  Next it was time to get the boys ready for the walk.  I managed to get everyone in the car by 9:30ish.  
Once in the car Finn asked me to turn on the song "he listens to on the way to JT's house" which is just a song from my Mumford and Son's CD.  He sat in the back seat and sang.  As I was driving down Long Hollow Pike I noticed that the leaves were turned.  It was quite pretty.  At that moment, with the sun shining,    looking out over the landscape, listening to Finn singing and Sam laughing, I felt just about as blessed as one could feel.  (Super sappy, I know - but I wanted to remember how thankful I was for that drive to the Buddy Walk). 
Once in Nashville my serene and thankful attitud…