These past few weeks have been really busy at work.  I work all day, then after the boys go bed I work some more.  Well today I almost felt caught up on my work.  I did a few things early in the day and thankfully the phone didn't ring too much.  I was able to spend the whole day playing with the boys and organizing my closet.

Sam went down for a three hour nap at 9:30.  Finn played in my bedroom while I organized my closet.  After Sam woke up the two of them played for a few minutes before Finn's lunch.  Finn ate a peanut butter sandwich and sat on the coach and watched the title song to "Rent" no less than ten (10) times.   During Finn's nap Sam and I made homemade chicken noodle soup.

After Finn's nap we sat at the kitchen table and played with Play-doh.  Finn made and then decorated a Christmas Tree.  Sam sat in his high chair and ate puffs.  Afterwards we all went upstairs to play with Finn's train set.  He really wanted to reenact a scene from Thomas he had scene earlier in the day about the "Monster of Brendam"  He of course got to be the monster.  Next Finn decided that he wanted to go to the beach.  He packed us both a picnic lunch from his kitchen and then we went to the beach.  He laid out a beige blanket for the sand, a blue blanket for the water and his pillow was the float.  About the time we got our sunscreen on (just kidding) Michael walked in from work.

We all sat down to eat our soup together.  Sam ate cut up carrots from the soup while Finn piddled with his soup.  He decided before taking a bite that they didn't like it and wouldn't eat it.  Michael told Finn that if he ate all of his soup he would take him to Gran's house to play.  It took him a while, but he did it!  I think the soup was a little salty for Finn, but otherwise I think he enjoyed it.  We know Sam did.


Sam is starting to blow bubbles WITH his food in his mouth.  It is so gross.  I can't help but love this face though. 

As promised, Michael took Finn to Gran's house.  Uncle David and Aunt Sharon were home for the wedding and brought Finn a birthday present - the Biggest T-Rex in the whole world, as Finn would say.  Before they left I gave the boys a bath.  When I was drying Sam off he looked at Finn and started saying "Da Da Da."  Finn looked at him and ever so seriously said, "Sam, I am not your Da Da."

Sam and I stayed home and watched The Voice (no judgment).  Around 6:30 Sam got really fussy.  I gave him some Tylenol and made a bottle.  The second he saw the bottle he kicked the fussing into high gear and started crawling to me.  I decided to have a little fun with him.  I put his bottle in the middle of the living room floor.  He was SO mad about this.  But decided to come after it anyway.

 Sam's little pants kept causing him to slip on the hardwood - making him that much madder.

If you're wondering, yes I know this is not good parenting.

His fit must have really tuckered him out because he sound asleep by 6:45.  I decided to take the opportunity to sit and rock him for a while.  I decided to wake him up around 8:00.  He woke up in a much better mood.  I put him the floor and he headed straight for his favorite thing - the DirecTV box.  Sam can't stay away from this thing.  It wouldn't be a problem except for the fact that he pushes all the buttons. 

 Scoping out the joint
 Going for the goods.

Every time we see him head for the receiver we tell him know.  He rolls down on to that big bottom and turns toward us with the most guilty look. 

Michael and Finn got home around 8:30.  Finn came in and showed me is new dinosaur.  Then he immediately started fighting with his two big dinosaurs. 

Sam wanted to play so badly. 

I really had a great day with the boys.  They were sweet, well behaved and seemed to enjoy just being home with me.  I am thankful for days like this. 

Just a few more pictures of Big Sam. 

 His poor little face is so chapped.

Pulling up.


  1. What an imagination Finn has! Wonder who he gets that from? Hmmm. I'm so happy that you had such a good day with the boys! Thanks for sharing it.


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