Happy Birthday Grandad

On Friday we had planned to take the boys to the Zoo - we changed our mind after seeing how cold it was outside.  Instead me and the boys went to Tullahoma to celebrate Grandad's birthday.  We arrived at the house right around 5:00 and Finn and Sam played in the floor.  As it got closer to 7:00 we bundled the boys up and went to the Tullahoma High School football game. 

It was so cold.  Sam didn't seem to mind the cold at all.  Finn was a different story. After sitting on the bleachers for ten minutes Finn decided that he was too cold and wanted to go back to Grandad's house to play.  I wrapped Finn in my extra coat to keep him warm.  That wasn't warm enough so he climbed into my lap cuddled up next to me and then I put a blanket on his legs. I was toasty warm with Finn sitting in my lap, but poor Finn was still miserable.  Selfish as I can be sometimes, loved Finn being miserable, because he never sit in my lap anymore.  He was so cold that he didn't want popcorn or candy.    In addition to being cold, Finn didn't watch too much of the game either.  Instead, he sat and hummed along with the band.

A little before half time we left.  We made a quick stop to Sonic and then went back to the house to warm up.  Finn wasn't acting quite right so I put him to bed soon after we got home.  I laid with him in bed and watched "Thomas" for about 10 minutes before he zonked out.  Sam was pretty keyed up and played for another hour.   When Gigi got home from the game we ate a little bit of Dad's birthday cake (carrot cake).  Sam ate some of the icing.   Then we took a bottle and went to bed.

When it was time for bed, I grabbed Finn and put him in bed with me.  He either kicked me in the ribs all night or he slept right on top of me.  I finally kicked him out of bed around 7:00.  I slept another two hours.  After breakfast Finn and Grandad went to buy carrots.  Sam played with Gabby.

When Grandad and Finn got home we took the carrots and walked across the street to feed the horses.

Next we made a quick trip to Gene and Minnie's where Finn acted like a complete dork.  I love these pictures of Sam.

After we got back Grandad put some steaks on the grill and we watched the first three episodes of "Nashville."  Fun day.