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Finn has added a new word to his repertoire - duck. Better known to we adults as truck. Finn LLLLoves (with a capital "L") trucks. He plays with this truck at home all the time. Sometime he will even make a truck sound while crawling around on this knees. After church on Sunday we were sitting in the Kroger parking lot when Finn started yelling. I was sitting up front looking out the front window when all of a sudden Finn started yelling over and over again "duck." I turned around and Finn was pointing at a truck parked right next to us. This has not been the first occurrence; in fact, he does this on a fairly regular basis, but I wanted to be sure before I blogged about it. Since all the important works in Finn's life start with either a "b" or a "d" (bite, bottle, ball, book, bye, and Dad) it doesn't surprise me that a truck is pronounced "duck."

Sunday afternoon nap

One of Finn new favorite past-times, wa…

Buddy Run/Finn's First Picnic

Em and Zac before the race.

Mom and Finn. This actually could be Finn refusing to give Mom a kiss. He thought this was really funny.

Cyndi and Coop.

Uncle Zac crossing the finish line.

Dad crossing the finish line.

Aunt Em after the race.

Finn and Coop waiting in line at the Pancake Pantry.
Oh how the tables turn. This morning we went into Finn's bedroom at 5:30 and woke him up from a sound sleep. He did not appreciate being woken up so early in the morning. I thought it was quite fitting given that he has not allowed his parents to wake up naturally in almost an entire year. The reason that we got up so early on a Saturday morning was to go with Em, Zac, and Coop to the Buddy Run. It is a 5k held in Cool Springs that raises money for Down's Syndrome. Em, Zac and Michael all ran. They all did a great job. Of the three Zac crossed the finish line first, followed by Michael and Em hot on his heels.

During the race, Mom, Cyndi, Coop, Finn and I walked around the checked out the …

Babies are Hard Work

Today I spent the whole day with Finn. We are having a few people over this weekend, so I decided to get some cleaning done on my day off. Finn was nice enough to help. He actually ended up just making a big mess. This picture pretty much sums up how my day with Finn went; I would put something away and he would pull it right out again.
First we cleaned up the kitchen. I turned some music on to make the work more enjoyable. Finn sat in the floor and danced while I mopped. I actually mopped the entire floor with Finn right at my heels. No worries though, I only mopped with water. Next we moved into the living room. I turned my back for a few seconds and turned around to find Finn in my mop water. It was fairly clean so I let him splash around while I went to get my camera.

Finn soaked the floor, literally. He ended up knocking over the whole bucket. There was water everywhere.
This is Finn's excited face.
While I was mopping up the all the water, a wet Finn found the salt …

Carrot Cake

Tonight Finn and I went to the Black Eyed Pea to have dinner with my friends from Celebrate Recovery. During dinner Finn crawled around under the big round table; that is until he escaped and made a break for it down the hallway. After I ran him down I put in him solitary confinement, meaning I held him and wouldn't let him down. When that didn't work I gave Finn carrot cake! Not only was the carrot cake delicious, Finn was able to occupy himself by playing in it. He had icing everywhere! I ended up having to take his shirt off.

I left at 9:00 so you can imagine that Finn was exhausted. By the time I got home he was sound asleep. He needed a bath (he had icing in his hair), but I hated to wake him up. So, I picked him up out of his car seat and put him straight in his crib. I will deal with the icing tomorrow.

Public Apology

I would like to take a moment to issue an official public apology to MJ and Coop. Last night she called me and asked if she could come swim in my pool. I, of course, told her yes and then told her that I would leave the key to the pool in the mailbox. Well . . . I forgot. And poor Em and Coop drove all the way from Nashville to find no key in the mailbox. First I want to apologize for my absentmindedness and second, I want to say that it was all Finn's fault. I am not sure how it was Finn's fault, but it was. That is one good thing about children, you can always blame them for your shortcomings. In all seriousness, MJ, I am so, so sorry.

Today is Wednesday meaning that I get to spend a half a day with Finn after court. I look forward to Wednesday all week long. Wednesday are usually fairly busy mornings because I have to be at the courthouse at 9:00. Inevitably something happens that puts me just a few minutes behind. Today, was no exception. As I was walking…
This morning Finn found a half full gallon of milk on the coffee table. He managed to lift it off of the coffee table and put it on the floor. He tried his best to drink from it, but it was just too heavy, well that and the lid was on.
I can't believe how mature Finn looks in the this picture. He is definitely growing out of his little baby phase.
Tonight at dinner Finn was disgusting; so disgusting that I didn't even want to touch him. For some reason Finn decided that he would pull chewed up food out of his mouth and squish it in his hands. Then he would put his hand all over everything.

You are looking at snot, graham crackers, milk, and spaghetti.

If he didn't have food all over his face, this would be a really good picture.

Helping us clean up after dinner.

Looking for Dad

Dad spotted!

Enjoying the fact that Mom and Dad are both outside.

Concerned that Mom and Dad are never coming back.

This is a picture of Finn playing with his donkey. He goes through phases with the don…