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A Royal Affair

Today Finn and I woke up and immediately started preparing for the big event - the Royal Wedding that is. I had DVR'ed the wedding and Gran and I had decided to watch it over breakfast. I made french toast and in honor of the blessed event Gran brought over traditional English food - quiche, strawberries and cream and sweet rolls (which were a substitute for scones). Once the coffee table was set, we sat and watched.

Finn really enjoyed the wedding, because he was able to peruse the coffee table for goodies. He ate a lot of sweet cream with his hands. He also poached several strawberries. It was an all around great morning - the pre-wedding was entertaining, the wedding was lovely and the food was delicious!
Lunch - I noticed that Finn eats his peanut butter sandwich in the most peculiar way; he opens and picks the peanut butter out of it and then eats the bread. Victoria, I apologize and if you would rather I not pack peanut butter sandwiches for Finn anymore, I will completely un…

The Hankster ( I couldn't resist)

The Hunt Is On!

Today is Easter! I have to say that Finn had a much better time this year than last year. Finn and I got up at 7:30 and started cooking for Easter dinner at Gran and Pa's house. Before we left for the day we took a few pictures of Finn all dressed up in his Easter outfit. He had three wardrobe changes throughout the day.

Next we went to church with Gran and Pa. Finn was great all the way through the singing. However, during the prayer requests Finn hollered "poo-poo" twice, which was a little embarrassing. As expected I had to take Finn out during the service.
When we got home Finn opened his Easter basket. He got two sets of learning flashcards (real fun Mom and Dad), some Thomas the Train cards and some Teddy Grahams.

After opening his Easter basket, Finn took a nap. 20 minutes into the nap we had to get Finn out of bed and get to our safe spot. We had terrible storms come through. Finn was so upset to be locked in the bathroom with Mama. Dad stayed in the den and wat…


For some reason Finn has decided that he likes his parents fat. He will not let us workout. Yesterday I did my crunches on the exercise ball holding Finn. Today this is how Michael had to do his crunches.

Tonight we went to a cookout at Greg and Shelley's house. They have the best backyard to grill out in. Since its fenced in we could just let Finn run around wild. And run around he did! He had so much fun chasing Addison around.

Here we have Finn trying to play golf . While he played with vigor, his mechanics were awful.

The kids table. It was so nice spending a night with kids running around in the backyard. Finn was friendly and actually played with Macey and Addison.
The mamas. Our hosts for the evening. All the kiddos. This picture was taken right before Macey T. face planted. She has a pump knot to match her Easter dress. Greg and Finn - in this picture Finn is asking for his mama.
After the night was over Finn was exhausted. As we were sitting in the den at Greg and Shell…

Easter with Grandad and Gigi

Today Grandad and Gigi came to visit for Easter. First, we met them at O'Charleys for dinner. I ordered potato soup as my side item thinking that Finn would love it, but he mostly ignored it in favor of eating his crayon.

After dinner we went back to the house where Grandad and Gigi gave Finn a big "Thomas" bouncy ball. Then we ate carrot cake. After cake we settled in for the night; Finn and Grandad shared a bowl of popcorn.

The next morning Finn, Gigi and I tried out the new ball. FYI, this is not Finn's new ball.

Finn actually just ended up running up and down the sidewalk. This is a picture of Finn stomping his feet to the "Happy if you know it" song.

When we got back inside Finn discovered how to climb onto the kitchen table, a right of passage for any young man. We were sitting in the den and I happened to look over and Finn was up on the table. Tomorrow we will start timeout for this behavior, but for today I had a pretty good time with it.

Once on the t…