Easter with Grandad and Gigi

Today Grandad and Gigi came to visit for Easter. First, we met them at O'Charleys for dinner. I ordered potato soup as my side item thinking that Finn would love it, but he mostly ignored it in favor of eating his crayon.

After dinner we went back to the house where Grandad and Gigi gave Finn a big "Thomas" bouncy ball. Then we ate carrot cake. After cake we settled in for the night; Finn and Grandad shared a bowl of popcorn.

The next morning Finn, Gigi and I tried out the new ball. FYI, this is not Finn's new ball.

Finn actually just ended up running up and down the sidewalk. This is a picture of Finn stomping his feet to the "Happy if you know it" song.

When we got back inside Finn discovered how to climb onto the kitchen table, a right of passage for any young man. We were sitting in the den and I happened to look over and Finn was up on the table. Tomorrow we will start timeout for this behavior, but for today I had a pretty good time with it.

Once on the table, Finn found the jackpot - my sonic drink.

Next Finn Gigi and I went shopping for an Easter dress/dress to wear to Brooke's wedding. We went to Steinmart, Kohls and Ross. Finn wasn't in the best mood - he cried a lot. However, at Kohl's Gigi bought him a Thomas puzzle and at Ross she bought a book that had 100 pictures of cars, truck, trains, planes and bulldozers.

When we got back we all went down to the grassy play area in the subdivison. Finn showed everyone how to play "big boy" which comprises of Finn climbing up and over the landscaping.

He discovered that once he got to the top he could slide down on his bottom. It didn't look fun at all but he loved it as evident by his face.

I just can't believe how big he is getting!

Later on in the evening we went to the Easter Service at church. There were 18 services over the weekend so decided to go on Friday night.