Cardboard, No. . . .Fiber, Yes

Be ye warned, these sweet, serene pictures of Finn are not accurate representations of our day.

Today Finn had about 5 bowl movements (none of which were in the potty). It has to be all that Fiber One cereal we are giving him. I personally think that Fiber One is delicious, but I didn't think Finn would like it as much as he does.

Today we were on the go all day. At 8:00 Finn and I was in the car headed for the courthouse. By 9:00 we were in Dr. Lee's waiting room. While there Finn found a "Veggie Tales" book - very exciting. He didn't let me read a word of it. Instead he just pointed to Bob and Larry on every page and yelled "BOB" and "LARRY" everytime.

Once we went back to Dr. Lee's room I scanned the room for possible problems. I immediately spotted the instrument table; a short table that had about 25 perfectly situated and sterile instruments on top. About the same time Finn noticed the table, but I was quick enough to catch him before he was able to demolish it. Finn ended up in time out twice before we even saw the Doctor all due to that darn table.

When Dr. Lee finally arrived he gave Finn two suckers. Finn sat sweetly in my lap for most of the exam and ate his suckers. The minute I took my mind off of the instrument table was the minute he grabbed for it. And yes, the sterile instruments went everywhere. So Finn got his third time out, except this time it was in front of Dr. Lee. I didn't have to say it. I looked at him sternly and he said "timeout." Then we walked over to the corner and he sat down without a fight.

Dr. Lee told me that he doesn't know how I manage to discipline him because he has such a sweet face. He told me that he sees all kinds of babies everyday and that he would categorize Finn as a sweet/naughty baby.

After the doctor's office we stopped Sonic, then we went to the post office where we waited in line for-bloody-ever and then we headed for the accountant's office. As we were pulling in the office parking lot Finn managed to open his sippy cup and pour water all over himself. When I got him out of his seat, he was soaking wet and crying so pitifully. I didn't have a full change of clothes with me so I took his pants off, threw a clean neon yellow shirt on him and stumbled into the office. We looked so WT.

After we got out of the office Finn and I had all-out-war over him going back into that wet carseat. He cried and arched his back and yelled "too cold." Even though I felt some satisfaction in winning, I felt bad for him having to sit in a cold, wet carseat. But I had no other option.

Next we went home to get a change of clothes. After getting dry and cleaned up we headed to Nashville to eat lunch with Teddy, my former paralegal from the Department of Health. We had a wonderful lunch at Wendy's and Finn seemed to really like Teddy. Finn ate a Frosty. He couldn't seeem to manage the spoon so he ate the Frosty with a straw - he used the straw like a spoon which looked way harder that using his spoon. We were quite a sight. As we were finishing up Finn got restless so I let him out of his highchair. He immediately went to sit underneathe another (unoccupied) table where he got stuck and the let the whole restuaurant know about it.

After bidding farewell to Teddy we stopped by TennCare to pick up Daddy to take him to Sonic for his afternoon drink. While in the car I asked Finn who he had lunch with today and he got a big smile on his face and yelled "TEDDY."

After dropping Daddy back off at work we headed home. We didn't actually make it back home until around 3:30. Through the rearview mirror I saw Finn rubbing his eyes so I decided that once we got home Finn was going to take a nap. He had other plans and screamed for 20 minutes. I had everys intention of leaving him in his bed until I heard a very loud thud and assumed that Finn had falled out. I went into his room to see that he had pushed his fan off into the floor. I grabbed him and put him in the bed with me. He immediately started to get up and play. I looked at him very sternly and asked him if he wanted to go back to his bed. He shook his head "no" and very sweetly laid down next to me. I was so impressed for about 2.5 seconds - then he was gone again. So I put him back in his bed.

The rest of the night was pretty calm until wind down time. I had cut Finn's apples, poured his milk, we were rocking and Finn was happily watching Chess when the doorbell rang. Michael had forgotten to tell me that someone was coming to test our water. As it turns out it wasn't just a water test it but a whole presentation about the benefits of soft water. What's even worse is I hadn't even started to clean up from dinner - we had dirty dishes in the sink. And of course, the one part of the house he needed was the sink. I felt many different emotions - none of which could be classified as "Chris-like".

I am exhausted.