For some reason Finn has decided that he likes his parents fat. He will not let us workout. Yesterday I did my crunches on the exercise ball holding Finn. Today this is how Michael had to do his crunches.

Tonight we went to a cookout at Greg and Shelley's house. They have the best backyard to grill out in. Since its fenced in we could just let Finn run around wild. And run around he did! He had so much fun chasing Addison around.

Here we have Finn trying to play golf . While he played with vigor, his mechanics were awful.

The kids table. It was so nice spending a night with kids running around in the backyard. Finn was friendly and actually played with Macey and Addison.

The mamas.
Our hosts for the evening.
All the kiddos. This picture was taken right before Macey T. face planted. She has a pump knot to match her Easter dress.
Greg and Finn - in this picture Finn is asking for his mama.

After the night was over Finn was exhausted. As we were sitting in the den at Greg and Shelley's Finn walked over to me, laid his head down on my knee and tried to go to sleep.