A Royal Affair

Today Finn and I woke up and immediately started preparing for the big event - the Royal Wedding that is. I had DVR'ed the wedding and Gran and I had decided to watch it over breakfast. I made french toast and in honor of the blessed event Gran brought over traditional English food - quiche, strawberries and cream and sweet rolls (which were a substitute for scones). Once the coffee table was set, we sat and watched.

Finn really enjoyed the wedding, because he was able to peruse the coffee table for goodies. He ate a lot of sweet cream with his hands. He also poached several strawberries. It was an all around great morning - the pre-wedding was entertaining, the wedding was lovely and the food was delicious!

Lunch - I noticed that Finn eats his peanut butter sandwich in the most peculiar way; he opens and picks the peanut butter out of it and then eats the bread. Victoria, I apologize and if you would rather I not pack peanut butter sandwiches for Finn anymore, I will completely understand.
Near the end of the wedding, I realized how late in the day it was and Finn and I got ready to go to the courthouse in Lebanon to file a Motion. The clerks were all decked out in their avant garde hats in honor of the wedding. They looked so cute.

When we got back home, I mopped the kitchen while Finn played in the den. Then we two took a nice, long nap on the couch.

Once Daddy got home I cooked dinner and then we all sat in the den and watched The Office (Michael's last episode - pretty sad). We had Spaghetti with Italian sausage - enough said.

To top off the Royal day, we opened a bottle of bubbly. Cheerio, Ol' Chap!

Finn's homage to the fashion statement of the day - hats.

Finn was pretty scared of the bubbles at first, but got over that in a quick, fast, hurry.