The weekend

This weekend, Finn discovered the "actual" use for the potty - the place where you go to read books. All weekend, Finn sat, naked as a jaybird, on his potty reading. He didn't "go" but he is certainly well read.

Saturday was a spring cleaning day for me, meaning Finn watched a lot of Mickey Mouse while I washed walls and baseboards. He wants to help so bad, but really gets in the way. I hope he likes cleaning this much when he is actually old enough to help me. Plus he slipped on the wet floor and bumped his head. So cleaning and Finn don't really go together.

On Sunday Finn did really great in the nursery. When we went to pick him up he was playing by himself with a toy mailbox. I love watching him play when he doesn't know that I'm watching. After church Michael and I went to the Gallatin High School's production of "Godspell." Finn went to the lake with Gran and Pa. He also ate watermelon!

When we got home Finn and I played an impromptu game of hide and seek. One time I actually hid so well that Finn got scared. I could hear his feet pitter pattering against the floor - then silence - then, "mama"??? Then you could hear the panic build in his voice. Next I heard him trying to climb the baby gate to get upstairs. The funny thing is I was just hiding on the other side of the couch. When I popped out he ran to me, through his arms around me and refused to let go.


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