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I know, I know. But in my defense it is very difficult to take good pictures with my broken camera. One more day before I get my new one! Even though it has been four days since I last blogged, I can sum it up with one word - "MOLARS" Finn is cutting molars and we are all suffering. He is so miserable. I feel so sorry for him, but I must say that I am relieved when he goes to sleep. One highlight is that Finn bit into a raw potato. His face was hilarious.

Today Finn and I went to get the oil changed at the dealership. It was the best part of Finn's day. He played in the kids area for an entire hour. He loved the school bus, but wouldn't play with the school girl in the pink overalls holding the cat. Poor Finn has been dragged around for the past few days. I got home from work at 1:00 on Wednesday and we have been going non stop ever since. I gave up my office this week and will be working from my home. So basically Finn has had to help me move out of the …


This morning I heard Finn cry over the baby monitor and my first reaction was not to go get him out of bed. Instead, I must have just turned the monitor off - oops. When I went in his room at 8:00 he was sitting perfectly quiet in his bed, playing with his toys.

Today Finn wore his team colors. He looked so cute in his new jersey.

Finn did really well today in the nursery. I was so happy to see Finn's favorite nursery worker (the older gentleman). He reached for Finn and happily Finn reached back. Finn didn't cry when I left him either. When I returned an hour later to pick him up he was sound asleep in the nursery worker's lap.

When we got home, I made homemade pizza while Finn and Michael played in the den. During lunch Finn attacked me for a bite of pizza.

After lunch Finn's whole attitude changed - he was so cranky. You can't see his face, but rest assured Finn was mad as a hornet.

This literally how Finn looked all day long. It was so frustrati…


There isn't anything much more wonderful in this world than a baby in Jammies. Well, that is at least for me. I love putting Finn in his pajamas on a cool night. God truly is a great God to give us this simple pleasure; these little moments that make your heart feel like its going to explode with love. Tonight after church when we opened the windows and discovered that it was cool enough outside to open the windows! This meant that Finn would need to sleep in Jammies for the first time this fall. For the inaugural night we put Finn in his green, white and navy blue striped T-Rex jammies. Hunter Green and Navy are most definitely Finn's colors. I must admit that I went a bit snap happy. In fact, I had so much fun following Finn around in his jammies that we didn't end up getting him to bed until 9:00.
For much of the evening Finn pushed around his dump truck. He has become an old pro at maneuvering the truck through the kitchen and living room. Finn wal…

Papa Bumbalough

Today Finn and I went to visit Papa Bumbalough in the hospital. Before heading to Nashville we made a quick stop to Wal-Mart to exchange Finn's Titan's jersey. Pa and Gran gave Finn a VY jersey for his birthday, we exchanged for a bigger size so that he can wear it for a while longer. We ended up with a Chris Johnson jersey.

Next we met Grandad at Vanderbilt. Finn had a lot of fun playing around in Papa Bumbalough's room. He ran his trucks all over the floor. A nice nurse helped us clean them off before we left.

Finn spent some time playing the cabinets.

He played with the buttons on the bottom of the bed. I was afraid that he was going to throw poor Papa into the floor. Then he discovered Papa's toes under the blanket; the toes would wiggle and Finn would grab. It was all very funny.

Before leaving for the day we took a couple laps around the nurses station. Finn wanted to walk into every room. Next we set off in search of the car. Vanderbilt is very …

One Year Appointment

Today I spent the whole day with Finn. In order to save money I gave up my office space. Instead, I will be working from home on the days that I am not in court. After Dad left for work Finn and I went the Kroger to do our weekly grocery shopping.

Next we went to the pediatrician's office for Finn's one (1) year appointment. Finn now weighs 26.5 pounds, he is 30.5 inches tall and his head circumference is 19 and 1/8. Currently Finn is in the 91 percentile for weight, 74 percentile for height and 95 percentile for head circumference. The appointment went really well. Dr. Thompson was really impressed with how Finn's head looks. She also told us to wean Finn off of his bedtime feeding. Apparently kids appetites subside around this time so it is normal for Finn to eat less. She also told us that he will only about gain approximately 4 more pounds before he turns two (2). Finn also was given an MMR shot, a Hep. A shot, a chicken pox shot and a flu shot. This means…

First Steps

Today Finn took his first steps. It was around 8:00 in the morning and I was getting ready to leave the house for work. I Noticed that Finn was standing very still in the middle of the kitchen. I was intrigued by his statuesque stance so I got down eye level with him. He was wearing a little white onsie (that is just about to too small) and gave me an adorable grin. He reached his arms towards me and picked up his left foot. I thought that he would plop down on the tile, but instead he took five (5) little steps. They weren't big steps but there was forward progression. I don't know why Finn decided to walk towards me; it was probably because I was holding his sippy cup, but I am so thankful that I was able to witness his first real steps. I can't be sure that he knew what he was doing, but I am proud of him nonetheless. After falling back to the ground I ran over to him and gave him a huge hug and a kiss. Then we called Dad to tell him the good…

Mystery Scratch

Not a lot to blog about, but I wanted to post something anyway. If Finn ever comes to visit, you may want to make him roast with potatoes and carrots. He will love you forever! Especially if you give a ton of carrots.

Here we can see Finn's mystery scratch. My guess is a hangnail.

I didn't get to put Finn to bed tonight because I was at Bible study. However, when I got home I accidentally on purpose woke him up. I walked into his bedroom and I couldn't resist the urge to rub his little back. After a few minutes he woke up. I was secretly thrilled. I took him into my bedroom and we snuggled for a few minutes before he fell back to sleep. It was worth it.

Birthday Buddies

In Sunday School today we celebrated all the September birthdays. Monica and Finn are what we have coined "birthday buddies." Finn was born on the 17th of September and Monica was born on the 18th of September. In honor of the all the birthdays - including Macaiha (September 7th) we had cookies, cake and Sam even brought Dunkin Doughnuts. Monica bought Finn an adorable dinosaur three piece outfit. Finn looks so cute in it! He wore the onsie to Victoria's house on Monday. Thank you so much Monica! Finn loves you too!

Finn was in a lousy mood at the Sunday School party but he did cheer up long enough to take a few good shots. Look how cute they look together. One day maybe Monica can be Finn's baby sitter?????

Here is a picture of Finn with Annabelle. Ahhhh. Check out Lindsey Apedaile in the background.

After church we came home and watched the Titan's game. Finn and I fell asleep during half time. After waking up I rearranged all of Finn's toys. No…

Finn's First Car Wreck

Saturday night after Finn and I had rested up we all went to Macey T.'s first birthday party. Since Finn and Macey were in the hospital together it is only fitting that their birthday parties be on the same day too!

When we got there Finn was dead set on playing Macey T.'s room with the other children. Finn spent most of his time pushing Addison around in Macey's car. In between drives with Addison, Finn would wander over to me and ask for a bean. Finn loves beans! He also really enjoyed the barbecue.

Finn was really still while Macey T. opened her presents;
that it until the very end. Then he wanted to play with the wrappings.

We ended up staying later than most everyone meaning Finn and Macey T. had some quality time together. They decided to spend it in the car.
Unfortunately the car tipped over and hit the Finnster in the noggin. He, of course, cried, but it didn't leave a bump.