Sunday, September 6, 2015

The Disappearing Underwear

By the time Monday morning arrived I was fully aware that I didn't need to ever worry about setting my alarm because the boys were up early each morning. Even if I was really awake, I would listen for them to come downstairs and then pretend to be asleep just to get to snuggle and play with them. We got up and had good breakfast, brushed our teeth, then headed upstairs to get dressed. I handed Finn his cloths for the day and he went right to the closet and got out his underwear and put them on. Then he wanted to show Sam his underwear which isn't unusual since I by them new underwear from time to time. I proceeded to help Sam get his pajamas off, but when I opened his underwear drawer, It Was Empty!? I couldn't believe my eyes since I knew I just put 3 new packs in his drawer and they had been there all week? I looked at Finn and asked him if he knew where Sams underwear had gone? The look on his face told me all I needed to know. I opened Finns drawer and there were ALL of Sams underwear. That drawer was stuffed so full that I could hardly open it!  I told Finn that he was only allowed to wear the things in his drawer because Sams things were too small for him. He agreed that he would not take things from Sams drawer any more. 

After we were all dressed we went downstairs to see if the art work had dried. it had and the boys wanted to take a picture of it so we did! Then it was time to head to school. I was sure that Sam would be fine, we had Scooby Do playing and everyone had gotten used to the routine by now, but I was wrong! Sam started crying before he was out of the car. I tried everything to cheer him up but nothing worked! I was heartbroken seeing him cry like that. His teacher said if he came to early stay he seemed to do better. I dropped Finn at his class and was already crying before I could get past the Headmaster. I said goodbye to him as walked through the door he was holding, but tried not to look at him.
When I returned to get the boys from school everyone was all smiles. It was our last evening together and I wanted to do something special but, as soon as we got home Uncle James called and asked me to go check on his pups, he was worried that they might have gotten out of the fence and he was going be late getting home. So I got the boys and they jumped in the car and off we went. The dogs were safe and sound in the fence and Finn and Sam were so happy to get a little extra Scooby Doo time.

When we got home I was almost ready to call the boys to dinner, I just wanted to check on the tomatoes one more time. ( I was planning to serve them with dinner). I went out to the back yard where the boys were playing and they came running up to see what I was doing? I told them I was going to check on the tomatoes and they said that they already had and we did not have any red ones. I said ok, then Finn assured me that I didn't have to worry about the green ones because they pulled them all off, since they weren't any good! Epic failure on my part! I did not explain the ripening process at all! I instantly remembered how we got into so much trouble when I was growing up for doing things that seemed harmless at the time. I just laughed and told Finn that we have to keep them so they can turn red. We all came in to eat and Sam ate the only three tomatoes that we had, and he loved them!
After dinner, I let the boys take a long bath, they played in the water and then when they got out, they played with Kate. We read our story, said our prayers and went to sleep. I knew I sure would miss them come Tuesday night. 

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