Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Day 2: Nerd v. Jock Day

Today is day 2 of Spirit Week:  Nerd v. Jock.  

I loved Finn's look.  Finn loved Sam's look.   He willing put on everything I gave him to "nerdify" up, but there was no excitement, no joy.  Right before we got in the car to go so school, Finn quietly said, "mom, I feel so embarrassed."  I couldn't stomach the thought of Finn feeling self conscious all day just so that I could enjoy his outfit. So . . . I asked if he wanted to be John Cena instead.  Silly question. 

Nerd v. Jock - Take 2 

Here we have Finn dressed as the very "jocky" John Cena.  He was so happy. 

The "AA."

I was a little concerned that Sam would get mad, but didn't seem to notice at all. 

Sam didn't seem to understand that he was dressed as soccer player. He kept saying "I am a yellow basketballer." 

When we got to school, one of Sam's teachers noticed that he had on his Uganda jersey and said, "I know some people from Uganda."  I asked if they were the Telman's and she looked really surprised and said "YES!"

Last night Gi-Gi cam to spend the night. We went to get ice cream and had a great time. 

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  1. I love Finn's nerd look!!!!!! it is so realistic and he pulls it off great!


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