First Sleep Over

Last Saturday Matt, Shelley, John Matthew and Jack came over to our house for dinner.  At some point after dinner, we asked if Jack could spend the night.  This was Finn's first official sleepover. John Matthew and Sam were not super excited that John Matthew couldn't stay, but Sam got over it pretty quickly when he hopped on the air mattress with Finn and Jack.

We made popcorn and the boys laid in the living room and watched The Lion King.   Sam didn't get to sleep downstairs with the boys, but didn't fuss too much when we put him in bed. 

Around 2:00 a.m. Finn and Jack came upstairs to let me know that the air was coming out of the air mattress. Sure enough there was a big hole. I patched the hole with packaging tape, blew the air mattress back up and went back to bed.  Luckily it held until morning. 

The next morning Matt, Shelley and John Matthew came back over and we all watched church together.  This was the Sunday after the big snow, so they cancelled all "on-campus" services.