Snow Day

This has been kind of a weird week for us.  The boys were out on Monday for MLK day and then again on Wednesday for snow.  Michael stayed home with the boys on Wednesday so that I could go to work.  He did bring them up to my office for a few minutes and then we walked through the square over to Swaney Swift's for hamburgers.  Finn and I had a hotdog and it was awesome! After lunch the boys hung around and played in the snow.  I watched them from the window of my office (I hate to be cold).

Well, they were out again on Friday for snow.  Except this time we were all out. By the time the snow stopped, we had approximately 8 inches of snow.  Being the lousy parents we are, Michael and I slept in.  Being the mischievous boys they are, Finn and Sam got dressed and went out in the snow.  Luckily Michael heard them outside and brought them back in. 

Later that day we got them all bundled up and they went out again.  

They didn't last that long.  In fact, they only got the first two circles of the snowman complete.  Our snow man is currently headless. 

They spent the rest of the day laying around, playing video games and watching movies.  At one point while playing Rocket League (video game) Sam got really excited and started trash talking.  Every time he made a good play he would look at Finn and yell, "THAT'S HOW A MAN DOES IT!"

Later that evening Michael braved the elements and went out and got a few essentials:  pizza, ice cream and a movie.  The boys were so excited about the ice cream. 

Finally, as we were putting the boys to bed I leaned over, kissed Finn and said, "you are my best big boy."  This really upset Finn.  He wouldn't tell me why at first but then said, "I'm afraid you are becoming like Jacob and Esau's mom."   Sweet little Finn was very concerned that I was favoring him over Sam.