Two Peas

Michael and I have started to notice how much Finn and Sam really love each other.  They are practically inseparable now.  Sure they fight and yell at each other regularly, but they seems to really enjoy fighting and yelling at each other - which does my heart good.  When they aren't fighting and yelling, they are playing nicely together. This week they have been playing with there little cars, their Godzilla toys and there ninja turtles.  Whether it is inside or outside, these boys are stuck like to glue to each other.

Last weekend, Sam went to spend the weekend with Grandad and Gigi.  Finn spent the weekend with me and Michael. Around 7:00 on Thursday night, Finn told me that he really missed Sam.  He said that he loved playing with Sam and that he really wanted Sam to come home and play with him.  Finn whole affect changed - he looked all "down in the dumps."  This sentiment continued until Saturday night when Sam finally came home.

Sam is also starting to pick up some of Finn's speech patterns.  For example, Finn always says, "actually" whether the sentence calls for it or not.  In the last few weeks Sam has started overusing "actually" as well.  Another example is Finn yelling "Commercial" when a recorded show goes to a commercial break.  While Sam now does the same, he has taken it one step further.  He yells "commercial"  when he wants to fast forward through what, in his mind, is a boring part of a movie, i.e., Hagrid's expulsion from Hogwarts and the events that lead up to it in "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets."