Saturday, June 21, 2014

Sleeping in the Tent

Most of this week, Finn has been at Nana and Papa's house so we had a few days to enjoy Sam.   I was a little worried about dropping Sam off at school without Finn being there.  He did better than expected, but his teachers told me that he really missed Finn.  He asked them all week, "where is my Finn?"  On the day we got Finn back, I took him to go pick Sam up from school.  The second Sam saw Finn, he ran over to him, yelled FINN! and gave him the biggest hug.

On Friday night I went to a wrap party.  The boys had popcorn and watched "Dinosaur."

On Saturday, I bought Finn some new play clothes.  He was really pumped about this basketball shorts.  Now he really does look just like daddy.

On Saturday night, Finn asked me if he could sleep in his tent.  Since it is a Saturday night, we told him yes.

Well, Sam decided that he wanted to try too. We knew this wouldn't work, but decided to let them do it anyway.  The boys watched an entire movie before getting up to ask me to put in another one. It was at that point we put both boys in their own beds.

While we are on the topic of sleep - I haven't met anyone who dislikes sleeping as much as Finn.  On Friday morning I asked Finn if he had "happy dreams."  He said, "no, I didn't have any dreams." I said, that's good."  He responds, "Mom, that isn't good, I like to have dreams."  I asked him why.  He says, "because I can imagine that I am awake."

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