Finn's First 5K

On Saturday Finn and I woke up really early and met Grandad and Gigi in Nashville for the 2017 Hot Chocolate 5K.   Finn has been training for months - NOT!  Finn hasn't trained at all - so I was pretty sure that this would be an awful experience for both Dad and Finn.  I really thought that Finn would run about a quarter of a mile and then Dad would have to drag him the rest of the way.

Well kiddos, I was wrong. Finn did great! He ran about 2.5 miles and finished strong.  I was really proud of him.  He had plenty of support along the route as well.  Being seven (7) random runners "high fived" him, cheered him on, and one guy even came up and rubbed his head.

Enjoying the spoils. 

After his race, Finn then went straight over to play the last two quarters of his basketball game.  He was so tired, but played really good nonetheless.  The next morning he told me that his legs hurt.