Big Week

Well, this has been a big week for me. I haven't blogged in a while because I have worked a lot this week and haven't taken too many pictures of Finn. So I am going to try to summarize a few things that Finn and I did together.

For some reason this week Finn has not wanted to go to JT's house in the morning. In the car on the way there he will say "mama, home" over and over again. I feel a little bit guilty leaving him on these days. Luckily when we get to JT's he get down and starts playing immediately. When I pick him up in the afternoons he goes though this list of things he wants . . . "home, daddy, supper, eat."

On Thursday Finn went with me to meet a client at Wendy's. Finn had a Frosty and some fries. He was so messy by the end of the meeting that I had to wash him in the sink and take all of his clothes off.

I vow to do better this next week.